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Monday, August 05, 2013

an August meet-n-greet

Hello dear friends! I hope you're all having fabulous summers, or winters down-below! Last month's carnival was great fun, and was like a virtual vacation for me, since I don't get a summer vacation this year. I hope you enjoyed it too!

Now we're back to our regularly scheduled RGBP lives, and that means we have new friends to welcome today! Please do run over and say hello to:

Mags: "I grew up in Zimbabwe in a large Roman Catholic family. Became a chemist, and while I was doing my PhD I made the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. This shifted faith from being an important peripheral concern, to being central in my life. As part of exploring what that meant, following a brief postdoctoral fellowship in France, I trained as a spiritual director at Loyola Hall in the UK. So, here I am: a chemist, an educator and a spiritual director. The purpose of the blog is for me to hold those worlds together."

Sue: "I am a freelance preacher, writer and seeker. I preach regularly at the churches around my home and write for Presbyterians Today and other publications. I'm seeking a call to ministry in the PC(USA), seeking ways to share Christ's love in fewer than 500 blog words (for the most part!) and seeking a way to live a life of love."

and Rebecca: "I’m a Convergent, Liberal, Humorous, Hopeful, Evangelical Christian. Day by day, I’m working my way through life, trying my best to learn from my mistakes (which seem to be many), forgive and ask forgiveness, accept people for who they are, speak my thoughts, stand up for myself, dare to live life to the fullest, empower my children, grow old with my spouse, and most of all become who God is calling me to be. Throughout my 14 years of ordained ministry as both a chaplain and a pastor, I have explored what it means to grow spiritually and have a passion for encouraging people of all ages along their own pathway to wholeness."

They all write beautifully and explore wonderful connections of spirit and life. I hope you look forward to getting to know them as much as I do!


  1. Yay, Sue - you showed up! (We're seminary classmates.)

  2. Welcome, all! Will be coming around to see you.


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