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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Friday Five: Packing or Packrat?

We are 90% done with the pack-em-up-and-move-em-out week here are our hacienda. One daughter is moving to her first apartment, the other daughter to her dorm for her freshman year of college. Not gonna lie, it was an adventure these last few days!

As a part of the process, we let our daughters manage their own packing (with our input and support.) Part of that educational experience (for all of us) was letting them figure out how to create their own organization, make choices, and consolidate what they were packing. And also pack carefully enough so that they could still get everything in the car -- and in the dorm/apartment!

It made me realize that there are some elements to packing and moving that are learned, and some that are innate. So let's talk "packing or pack rat?" for this week's Friday Five.

1. Are you a sorter or a pack rat? What I mean by that is, do you select what you are taking with you (on a trip, a new assignment, a vacation), or do you pack with abandon (overweight suitcases be damned!)

2. Who first helped you learn how to pack? Or did you just come into it by osmosis or natural gifting  (and need)?

3. What's your favorite kind of suitcase? Duffle? Soft-side? Wheels? (I am personally a fan of my "expanding zipper" wheelie suitcases. Saved my bacon on many a return trip home!)

4. Do you have that "packing gene" -- or do you pack and cram what you need into every available space?

5. What's one thing you've learned in traveling, packing or storing your belongings that you think everyone should know?

Be sure to put your link in the comments so we can visit and glean from or wisdom (or sympathize with your conundrums!) If you need to learn how to link, the instructions are here!


  1. Thanks, Deb, for posting early. You'll find my traveling companions here and if you scroll up or back you'll find reflections on Repairers of the Breach.

  2. My play is rolled up and stuffed here

    1. Tiffany, I tried to find your play, but it took off without me. Where should I look?

  3. RevAlli, I have tried to leave a comment on your blog but Wordpress doesn't seem to like me today and won't let me leave a comment, even with my facebook account. sigh. anyway, I wanted to say - "lovely!"

    Thanks Deb!
    and any visitors stopping by to get their passport stamped!

  5. I tried not to pack too much into my play, here!

  6. My anal retentiveness for packing and loading is on full display here.

  7. I packed my play at signs-along-the-way.


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