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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Music Video: Vespera

My oldest son heads back to college in a few days, and one of the things I will miss is hearing him extemporaneously sing with his brother in the kitchen. Madrigals mix with bits from Wicked, add, too a dash Moses Hogan. It's all accompanied by the splash of water as someone cleans up and the clanging of pans on the stove as the next meal gets underway. I'll miss my personal boy choir.

This choral piece spoke to me of the tenderness of the evening times, as the sky wraps around us, and God's grace settles over us.

As the summer in the north draws to a close, may God gently wrap you in grace and hold you safe through the days to come.

Have a favorite piece of "gentle-ing" music?  Share in the comments, so we can stash some calming grace for the next chaotic day!

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