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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wednesday Festival - August

It is Tuesday night as I write up the Preacher Party for Wednesday.  I have a dark chocolate bar with almonds to share, as well as a large glass of ice water.  We have entered August and Texas is Hotter now than just about any other time in the year.  It makes for days when I don’t want to do much of anything, but life goes on. 

The offerings on the blog feed seem to be in the same mood – lots of meandering.  Maybe I’m just projecting. 

After reading Deb’s entry, my screen was all blurry in a good way.  It is well with my soul, indeed.

Robin continues to educate me and inspire me with her posts on Suicide.  I truly hope to never need this information, but it is beautifully written and compelling to read.

Ruth has tips for a successful marriage. I enjoyed reviewing these.

Others are looking for a break through Staycations, Vacations, or Mission Work.  You may live vicariously through these: 

May you be sustained to do the work God has given you to do; Blessings on your work and play.


  1. Thanks, Amy, but I should clarify that most of last night's post is quoted from the Alliance for Hope. It IS beautifully written, btw. It is not information that I would force-feed to new survivors -- far too painful -- but helpful to know as background info when trying to convey to people that they are not to blame.

    1. Thanks for the clarification and the posts - it really is very helpful to me to know what has been helpful to you.

  2. Interesting list! Thanks!


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