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Thursday, July 12, 2007

RGBP Big Event News Update

Ask The Matriarch will not appear today so that we can bring you this special RGBP News Alert!

The Big Event planning group:

Facing the camera are--
Natalie (Take My Hand), Reverendmommy, Songbird, Quotidian Grace and Mary Beth.

Facing away from the camera are--
St. Casserole, Cheesehead and Will Smama).
Pictured meeting at New Hope Methodist Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia on Tuesday.
(Photo by: Questing Parson)

Mark your calendars for:
MARCH 27-MARCH 30, 2008.

This is the weekend of The Big Event. The date was chosen because it is the week after Easter, which is usually a good time for most RevGals to take a break from their regular schedules.

The group agreed to find a location for the event near a major metropolitan area with good airline service in order to minimize travel costs and logistical concerns and that has some members of RGBP Inc. in the vicinity who are willing to assist with the plans. During the next couple of weeks members of the group will research locations in several cities based on these criteria and suggestions that we have received, exchange the information and then choose a venue.

Relationship building and spiritual development will be the focus of the Big Event. Instead of having a keynote speaker and workshop format, we are looking for someone who will lead some group devotional time or guided meditations and offer spiritual development/formation training for those who are interested.

Plenty of time for interest groups to meet together and for those attending to have recreation and fellowship time are priorities as we begin planning the details of the meeting. Since we may need to obtain outside funding to make the event possible and since many RevGals may want to use continuing education allowances to attend, we will include activities that will make the event eligible for grants and to use continuing education allowances.

We'll post more information about the Big Event as decisions are made.

Ask The Matriarch will return to its regular schedule next week. Woo-hoo!


  1. RATS. MICE. AND OTHER SMALL FURRY CREATURES! That's the week my kids are off school for THEIR Spring Break. Yerg. "Um, honey?" Howsabout I go to the RevGals event for Spring Break and you take the kids some place on your own???

    Yeah. Like that'll fly. Well.... we shall see what develops!


  2. I'm with Deb - but for a little different reason.... it bumps into our spring break and "thou shalt not take time off prior to holidays" is a rule that only SOMETIMES can be bent. twill have to see....
    however, I am soo soo soo glad an event is in the works!

  3. Whoot! Thanks to you all for working on this! It is on my calendar. I have no idea what I will be doing then, so I'm guessing my calendar is way clear.

  4. Oh, it sounds fabulous! Not for my calendar, but fabulous otherwise. Great job, ladies!

    May I urge you to consider Cleveland and Pittsburgh as possible venues, since I could come to some if it were in either locale.

    Cleveland actually has a very easy airport and a VERY cool and reasonably priced retreat center (that would have to be reserved well in advance for a week-end full house).

  5. On the calendar too! This is great!

  6. On the calendar! Sounds great!

    Thanks for thinking about continuing ed, too.

  7. On mine, too.

    RevGalDogPal Cub wants to know if she can come because that Friday is her birfday.

  8. yay!!

    Can we go somewhere a little bit warm-ish? at that point the upper midwesterners will be pasty and frozen. still. :-)

  9. Great! This is very exciting!! Thank you for your hard (and fun) work on this.

  10. This might could work--especially if I can bring young teenaged son to help with smaller child care. I'm penciling it in!

  11. When is Easter next year? Will this be during Lent?

  12. Easter is MARCH 23, 2008...
    How much earlier can it be? Not too much I hope.

  13. I hate to admit it, but I agree with Teri...much as I'd love to have a gathering near Milwaukee or the Twin Cities. There are a bunch o' Midwesterners in Rev Gals, but you do not want to come to Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. in March. In the summer, oh yeah! I vote for somewhere south.

  14. And I am still basking in that picture---so much wonderful succulence in one room. I can't stand it!

  15. Louisville? Nashville? Memphis? I don't care if it is in Alaska -- I am going to try my best to be there!

  16. I agree .. woo hoo, yay, well done. It's on my calendar too. Barring unforseen interferance I'll be there (at that yet-to-be determined warm locale -:) Love the picture, thanks QP

  17. Going on my calendar as well! Please someplace warm, I'm another frozen Northern who could use a dose of good sunshine that time of year! (Though I'm pretty sure the company would be sunshine aplenty.)

  18. I wonder what the geographic center of the RGBP is... the Frappr map might provide a ballpark...

  19. Louisville, Memphis and St. Louis are all rather cheap to fly into.

    Alas, I won't be able to go (Spring break) but wish you all a great week! And what a fabulous picture! Dang, St.C your hair is REALLY red, and Reverendmommy---who knew your hair was so LONG?

  20. Long? Eh, time for a hair cut. I wanted to get it "done" for the event, but life (appendectomy) interfered. I figured I'd been cut on enough (ha ha, get it? it's a joke.)

    I also wanted to become tall and svelte but that would take more than a good hairdresser.

  21. Cheap airfare? Warm climate? Orlando or Las Vegas??

  22. I believe March 22nd is the earliest Easter can be, so it's darn close. Bear in mind the event starts on Thursday evening and ends Sunday morning, so it is mostly on a weekend.
    Of course it is sad to hear from some of you that you are already sure you cannot be there. At this point we had to pick a date and make the leap, knowing that any date wouldn't work for some.
    Many thanks to those who made the trip to do the planning!

  23. ooooooooooooooooooooooh
    A real live date in the diary....and when i might actually be able to go
    (I propose to be utterly horrible to my children if the need arises...)
    Now, once you've decided where exactly, I need someone to offer me a parish placement of a week or so, so that i can try and justify the whole thing as "work" to the diocese.
    St there anything a random Anglican curate could usefully do this late in the day around your part of the world??
    THANK YOU ALL for taking the time and planning and dreaming and working on our's wonderful!

  24. I can hear the angel choir rejoicing already... I must say as long as there's coffee then I don't care if we are North or South. Layers are good. Having to pack swimsuits not good...

  25. Oh, songbird, no worries on that. There is no such thing as a date that will suit all and sundry. And that Sunday being the Feast of the Associate and Pulpit Supply Pastor is a good week to choose, I think!

    Good work!

  26. Wrote it on the calendar.

    Now doin' the dance.

  27. Oh, Songbird, I hope you didn't think I was complaining; I was being merely realistic.

    I have already written more than one blog entry about the shell shock of realizing how much of my regular and ordinary adult life (and control over same -- yikes!) I am going to have to sacrifice to seminary, at least for awhile. Any other time in my life and I would have already bought myself an airline gift certificate and announced that I would be taking Wednesday-Friday off.

    As luck would have it, the seminary takes a 4 day week-end for Easter and then it's full steam ahead the next week.

    I'm not complaining. You guys have done a fabulous job.

  28. "I was being merely realistic."

    I should forget about seminary and go back to first grade.

  29. wonderful- praying for the airfare... :-)

  30. Reverendmother--

    We did look at the Frapper map. It seems to show that most of the bloggers in the webring live east
    of the Mississippi with a good concentration in the southeast and
    in Texas.

    *Texas. Texas. Texas. You are getting sleeeepppy, your eyelids are heaaavvvyyy*


    We did think about Las Vegas but wondered how many of you could sell that idea to your church boards???

  31. Don't you need a passport to go to Texas?

  32. LOL at ppb. :-D

    Actually, Las Vegas is not bad, once yet get off the strip. And it would be warm....

  33. The Presbyterian Mecca of the Southeast is at Montreat. I'll throw in my volunteer two-cents if you want to investigate possibilities there or an area close to there. I don't know the details about transportation, but I do know that folks from all over the country attend summer conferences there so it must not be too cumbersome to get to.

    I thank God for all of you who took the time (and expense) to dream and plan on behalf of all of us. I truly hope I can be a part of the BIG EVENT!

  34. Praying for cheap airfare! Because that's my spring break! The only time I could possibly come! Hurrah! My exclamation key is getting tired! Of course, I'll be panicking about going off to seminary, but who better to settle me down than a bunch of RevGals? I guess I better send in that darn membership form, huh?

  35. Y'all are all beautiful. Can't wait to hear more! I might could if my folks don't wisk us off to Mexico over spring break.

  36. New goal: drop those extra 50 pounds by next March.

    Just sayin'.

  37. I'm in - ROADTRIP!!

  38. I am going to do my best to be there! I can't wait.It will just depend on my seminary schedule and what my bank account looks like. I am really hoping to go to General Conference so I don't know if I'll be able to make both.. but here's praying!

  39. hmm, weight loss over the winter is so hard.

    having said that, I'll try.

    I think I'm off to a good start right now--I have a cold and haven't been hungry for two days.

    too bad I can't breathe enough to go to the gym too....


  40. Songbird
    We knew that it would not work for everyone. It still might. I am not giving up (yet) that it could come to pass for more of us than we think...

    Thanks to ALL who have been already working on this. Whether I get to go or not, it's just... well... COOL!


  41. sorry, not sure. since it is, as some have said, "feast of the associate" and right now, I am the associate. But I won't say "no" for sure yet. will keep an open mind and hope.

  42. Kathryn, we Episcopalians can surely find you a plug-in if the Casserole 'Hood is all sewed up...

    Especially if you all come to area, or Houston, where I grew up and still know a few folks.

  43. sorry I missed this (thanks for pointing me in the right direction SB)

    what wonderful news.

    like many others here the time doesn't suit my calander - but I bless those who can make it - you'll have a fab time and come home encouraged and more on fire for ministry than ever :)

    Thanks team for putting in own time to brainstorm and arrange this. YOU are such a blessing

  44. Sounds great. I will mark my calendar too. I'm close to Seattle =)It's still a little wet in March, but the flowers are blooming by then


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