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Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday around the blogring

It’s been a busy day here in Lake Wobegone…

Welcome to Natty of “Where to Now, God?”—our newest member… hop on over and say hi. Peripatetic Polar Bear is celebrating 10,000 hits with 100 facts.

We continue to pray for St. Casserole and everyone else weathering the storm. Quotidian Grace has some hurricane memories to share.

Terri shares some stories of recent loss over at over at Psalm 121.

ChicagoRev (our chromosomally-diverse blogpal) has some musings on recent weddings.

Calling all pastors and pals in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition: Friday Mom is looking for a pastoral resource. Any help?

jo(e) is back from an amazing trip and has photos and reflections that will make you swoon.

Jen has lovely thoughts and dogpics at Ordinary Time.

Is she preaching, blogging, or procrastinating? You be the judge as Will Smama counts her blessings.

Reverend Mommy is having a Manic Monday. Go give her some hairpats—we’ve all been there. Or will be there as our kids get older.

And I am still cackling over the joy of witnessing sweet justice today.


  1. Having trouble leaving comments in some Rev Gals places - not only cos I'm a non blogger - but maybe it's the firewall here? grrr

    just wanting to say praying for you RevMom. Sometimes it's good to take time and space - and seek Him again, HIs wisdom, His discernment and His help in making those - oh so difficult - choices.

    Be blessed all of you :)

  2. Thanks, Lorna. I appreciate it.

    Has anyone heard from St. Casserole? I'm very, very worried. Her town was hit. If anyone hears from her, please put it up here for us all to know that she is safe.

  3. Any word from/about St. Casserole?

  4. Will S, Someone anonymously posted at her blog that the Casseroles are fine and in a neighboring state.


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