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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Round-up

Watching the news, worrying about the hurricane, and praying for those in its path. I grew up on the Gulf Coast so I know a little bit of the horror of waiting...or leaving.

In the meantime, I'll be blogging. Lots of stories about where we are, how we got here, and where we are going next.

St. Casserole is on the way out as Hurricane Katrina heads in. Our blessings to you and yours as you seek sanctuary. Please know our prayers are with you.

Canticles shares a wonderful story about her school administration offering to help purchase the hearing aids she needs. What a blessing to work in a place where that spirit exists!

Hey Jules over at Faith or Fiction tells us about her truly terrible Friday/Saturday. I hope that today has been better so far!

Go see Jane Ellen's ordination invitation! Can we all come!?

Sue is back from vacation. She is rested and relaxed, and yet the worries of return to her day-to-day are looming. Isn't that always the way?

Happy Birthday Mibi! She's had a party thrown for her AND announced her journey toward priesthood! You go girl!

Songbird remembers a mystical moment and a turn in her path.


  1. How could a day with church in it be anywhere as bad as Saturday was?

    Thanks for thinking about me. I'm on dry land and doing better. : )

  2. Of course you can all come! And wear your shirts!!

  3. Feminist theology is about more
    Than the use of vibrators
    In liturgical dance.

    Feminist theology is about
    The sexist silliness of saying
    That God is a cosmic senior citizen
    With hair on his chin
    But not on his pussy.

    Feminist theology's goals
    Are to interrogate
    The social construction
    Of black womanhood
    In relation to the African American experience
    And ask if "womanist theology"
    Might be a more gender-neutral term
    Than "feminist theology" -
    And more ladylike?

    And feminist theology is about
    The employment discrimination
    Involved in asserting
    That 3.5 billion clitorises
    Disqualify the human beings
    Attached to them
    From being priests of Christ
    And from the fringe benefits
    Which being priests of Christ brings
    In terms of pretty dresses
    And pensions.

    If you are the proud possessor
    Of a penis,
    You can pray better.

    Feminist theology
    Questions this dogma.

    And feminist theology
    Questions other things,
    Such as why it is the case
    In many churches
    That there is so little
    Handbag space
    Provided on the High Altar,
    And why most medieval
    Easter sepulchres
    Are not fitted with bidets.

    These are live issues
    For the female faithful
    And they cannot be swept under
    The kitchen sink.

    It is not easy
    To deliver a sermon in church
    While you are doing the ironing.

    It is true that you could
    Get a man in
    To do the ironing.

    But that would mean
    That the man would miss the sermon,
    Or do the ironing
    Down at the pub.

    Or, more likely,
    Mow the lawn instead
    While laughing loudly
    At football jokes
    And peeing on the lavatory seat.

    Men make such hopeless priests.


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