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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Devotional Book

Is shaping up fast. I spent the morning at the District meeting working on it. They thought I was taking notes. =o)

The ideas about photos are great. Just email me high resolution pictures. The bigger the picture the better.



  1. Okay, things have been so crazy around here that I've neglected to ask my really dumb question about the devotionals.

    The day I've been assigned is blank in the column for scripture references. Now, I know this is partially because I didn't respond with a request to do a specific day. However, I thought that there were readings from the lectionary for every day.

    Do I need to just go ahead and choose something that someone is not already doing?

    Please forgive my cluelessness.

  2. Yep -- you get to choose whatever scripture you want. I'm going to use the ones I didn't assign a scripture to as "floaters" to put on a date where it falls logically --

    I also have a few extras (maybe 3?) because I have gotten messages that people wanted to do this, but can't and had to back out. It'll all be good!

    Keep those devotionals coming! It's shaping up very nicely...


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