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Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday: Freaky, Frantic or Fantastic?

Dear friends,
I have a congested head and a sore ear and throat and a hoarse voice this afternoon, and I haven't written anything serious for the past few days (including a sermon). But I have read some beautiful things around the ring and want to commend them to you:

"Small Losses" at Telling Truth
"Ordinary" at The Ice Floe
"Hurricane Lilies" at Terrapin Station
"The Monarchs are Coming" at Sacramentality
"Too Busy Really" at Good in Parts

And for funny or sweet family stories, look here
"Comedy Central" at Rebel Without a Pew
"What's Been Happening" at Preacher Mom's
and come visit me, too, for some "Man Talk."

Elsewhere you'll find the element quiz, more fall memes and a bit of Friday Cat-Blogging (even some Evacuee Cat Blogging at St. Casserole's).

Have a peaceful weekend!


  1. HOpe you are feeling better. You did a great round up ... it's fun just following through what others have found - you get a different perspective and don't get stuck on only your own favs....

    be blessed :)

  2. Thanks! Today I'm still snuffly, but at least not sore.


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