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Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Roundup: Third Times the Charm?

Where did we leave off?
Oh, yes.

6. If you are still working on your sermon (who, me?), check in at Dylan's Lectionary Blog. Although she is on the road, she has some help for the busy, uninspired or just seeking this week.

7. Ann at What is Your Only Comfort gives frosting advice and lauds cupcakes as an outreach tool.

8. Seminarian Zinnhead has had a busy week, complete with blisters, missed flights and dinner with a prophet. Read all about it.

9. HeyJules had one of those days, complete with "Satan and the Jiffy Lube Sign."

10. Finally, go visit Mary to see pictures of the "situational liturgy" at her OP/EN service.

A blessed weekend to all of you!


  1. Seminarian Zinnhead - so well done for not losing it when you realised that you'd messed up on the flight schedules ... it's a major achievement in me if I can submit to God's way in this, because I too, tend to panic, over-react, and then get angry at myself.

    By the grace of God you did good :) very good!

  2. World Communion Sunday request by Sue over at

    go send her a message for her church!

    no blogger a/c and still haven't got around to setting up one to leave comments - sigh - so hope you see this

    Greetings from sisters and brothers in Finland. No we don't have polar bears here but we are far away over the sea and to the north. Yet our hearts - like yours- are warmed by His love and we bless you in the Mighty name of Jesus

    Bethelehem Church (UMC) Turku, Finland


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