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Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Thoughts in RevGalBlogPal land

First, would you like to volunteer to do a round-up once a week? We have recappers for five days of the week and are still seeking Tuesday and Saturday. The commitment is to do your utmost to provide a round-up on your day, with the understanding that it may just not happen every week.

Here are some new entries you might like to read:

*Go and say hello to our newest members today. Poor Mad Peter of Another Country reflects on the love God feels for all of us; Preacher in Process wrote recently about an unusual rite of passage; Amy at Welcome to the Zoo writes about being back in school; and Katherine at any day a beautiful change blogs about the spiral effect of Technorati searches.

*Karen at Kinesis has returned from South Africa and now has a link to pictures in her sidebar.

*NotShyChiRev is, well, let's just say enthusiastic about Jon Stewart's return from vacation.

*Steph at I Will Sing writes about her concern that some are disconnected from the hurricane aftermath, as does Carol at Smallest Angel.

This is far from inclusive. Check out our blogroll in the sidebar today and visit a new friend!


  1. I am tempted to offer to do Tuesday, but I am a newbie at the HTML stuff. Is there a secret to putting in links quicker than typing it all out?

  2. I could also take a day, with some coaching about how it all works.

  3. um... did the blogroll disappear for everyone? because it isn't coming up for me.

  4. will smama, when you are composing a post in Blogger, there is a little icon in the toolbar that looks like, well, a link. First you highlight the text you want to have linked, then click on the little link icon, then cut and paste the desired URL right into the pop-up box that will appear.
    I'll send you both an invitation to post on the blog. PCIT, do you mind taking Saturday?
    Jen, sometimes Blogrolling is off-kilter. If you don't see the Blogroll, try clicking on Refresh.

  5. I would also be willing to do a round up -- It looks like we're all full up, so to speak, but I could be a sub if someone was going on vacation or wasn't able to do the round-up... just a thought.

  6. Hmmm... Oops. I was supposed to do Thurday and got swamped. I think I'll try for 3 out of 4 Thursdays....


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