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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Advent Devotional

The grid for days/scriptures is here.

The beginnings of the book is here.

Deadline of Sept 22 (my birthday!). And there are blank spots on the grid. Please let me know if you can do an additional one.


  1. I'll take December 31st, and the text I will use is Psalm 6, if that's okay.

  2. wow! You have been busy. I was worried that what I'd written wasn't the right thing at all - and yet it's there (there's an extra full stop-period- after Saint. which could be removed) and I love the picture you chose.

    most of all I really really loved the back where you've put a who is who :)

    Would you like me to ask my pastor friend (Mia from the Lutheran catheral here to write for a missing date - I can email her and see her response. She'll love the advent devotional. Is it so it will be printed or just on line? either way is ok with me -just asking :)

    ONE MORE THING - Rev Gals with halo script blogs. I can't comment - no idea why - it used to be fine. Anyway I am still reading - but really miss reading the comments and feedback too. Maybe this should be a prayer request - though the almighty has more pressing things right now :)

    be blessed all of you - I feel so priviledged and honoured to be part of this ring.

    Lorna (see-through faith)

  3. PS first one posted was my birthday (Nov 29th ) and I loved it :) well done QC

  4. Lorna, it may just be a buggy day for Haloscan. I got a comment from you in the past 24 hours. Just give it another try!

  5. After saying I didn't think I could do one, I would LOVE to do one on Psalm 148 - my most favorite ever. IF you think it would be okay, as I am not a Rev person....?

    I would still also be glad to proofread...

    mary beth

  6. Whoops! the day for Ps. 148 is January 2. :) Mary Beth

  7. You are both down. Good for you!! I'll post the updates tonight.

  8. hmm. we have two Susies on the ring... I said I could do one, but I think I didn't include my blog name with the email. Is Dec. 28th me? -Susie of Nueva Cantora

  9. hey one thing - it would be great if Mary Beth would proof read - and feel free to edit out those English spellings of mine if it feels better for those of you over the pond :) ... also if it's a bit long feel free to snip it as desired :)

    songbird I can comment on you but not RevMother or another site abiding. I don't get it - and for now I'm just leaving it. omethings need time to sort themselves :)

    It's lovely to do this isn't it :)
    and how great to support St C's church - which is what we all seem to agree on doing so far :)

  10. Mary Beth Ps 148 is great isn't it. I'm not a rev yet - so I'm sure it's okay for you to write it :) and look forward to it very much!!!

    I'd like to write a second one after all - can I take Gal 4:4-7 it's Jan 3rd. Unless someone else has taken it -or there's someone who hasn't yet got a slot ???

  11. Since I'm already spelunking through Isaiah 61;-), you can go ahead and sign me up for Jan. 1 too, unless someone else has dibs.

  12. Hey, I know I'm new but if ya want to assign me any missing date I'd love to participate.

  13. You can pencil me in for Jan 7th (Mk 1: 4-11). Forgive me for being so behind the news on this, but where do we post our submissions? I'll try to get it done asap.....

    The part that's done so far is great!!

  14. Jan 8th JOHN 1 - Mia will take it. I've emailed you her contact details. :)

    I think this is so cool


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