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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just an Update

We have 70 people in the ring right now -- and that's so much more that I ever dreamed we could have. We range from young to old, men and women, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopal, UU, UCC and who knows what else.

In other news,
I have only 7 more devotionals remaining to be submitted -- and they are on the way. I'm still short of a title. Many of us mentioned light -- several of us mused about being a mother and expecting a child. There are a couple that made me cry -- and a few that made me laugh. And suggestions for a title? I'm stuck.

___________________: Advent Devotionals from an Intentional Online Community.

___________________: Advent Reflections from the RevGalBlogPal Webring.

Come on y'all. I need suggestions.


  1. I like the second one personally....thanks!

  2. How about something like:

    How do you prepare for a Glorious Impossible? Advent Reflections from…

    Preparing for God's Possible: Advent Reflections from….

  3. How about "Waiting in the Light"? Advent is all about waiting....and by our reflections we are all, together, held in the Light while we anticipate the birth....

  4. How about "Through Darkness to Light"?

  5. "A World-Wide Web of Light"?

    Pulls in the online aspect, as well as the fact that we're from all over, but with this interconnection .....

  6. Well, I might as well mention Salt & Light, a suggestion for a newsletter where I work, that looks like won't be used. I love the sound of it. But it doesn't hint at the online aspect.

    I like Steph's suggestion, too.

  7. I am personally in favor of the first subtitle, because so many people don't know what a webring is, and we could subsubtitle it "RevGalBlogPals."

  8. I think Quotidian Grace and I are sharing a brain this morning... I was going to suggest: "From Darkness to Light" ...

  9. I also liked the Intentional Online Community Part. Many do not know what a web ring is.

    Thanks for putting thiss together!

  10. My penny's worth:

    From darkness to light:
    Advent Devotional from an Intentional Online Community.

  11. Another vote for "from darkness to light", and not just becasue I, too, used that imagery in my reflection...

  12. I can't believe we have 70 revgalblogpals! Congrats to all of us~!

  13. I like "Preparing for God's Possible" although I might change 'preparing' to 'prepare' - either way I like how it assumes our participation.

  14. I love the term "intentional online community." As someone who lives in the boondocks, for whom the Internet is a lifeline to sanity through community, it really resonates.

    Possible titles with a light/dark motif:

    From Darkness Into Light
    More Light
    Longing For Light
    Moving Toward the Light
    The Light That is the Life
    Darkness Passing Into Light

  15. How bout "Reflections on God-With-Us: Advent Devotions from etc. etc."

  16. yeah 70
    and a rumour of a Rev Gals convention. where? when? oh oh oh sure to plan far ahead so we can save the $$$ and get the visa to enter the US.. unless ya'all want to come to Finland - I'd recommend June- midnight sun then, so no need to go to bed! we could have a prayer party all night :D

  17. It's 99 degrees here so a trip to Finland sounds FABULOUS!

  18. i second sue's idea waiting in the light.
    and i agree with using on-line community rather than webring.

    so how bout: "Waiting in the Light; Advent Devotionals from the RevGalPal On-line Community"?

  19. "In the Monitor's Light: Advent Devotionals from the RevGalBlogPals Online Community"

    or "Light from a Monitor..."

    or "Our Computers Light the Way..."

    none of these is quite what I am getting at, pooey! :)

    ps: the word verification for this post is "DQGEEK." As a Texan who grew up at Dairy Queen, I love the idea of dedicated DQ geeks!

  20. There is already an Advent book called Watch for the Light; I think Waiting for the Light might be too similar.

    I like the God's Possible... one.

  21. Same problem with "From Darkness to Light"...its the title of another book in these parts.
    What about "Look to the Light!"? and I'd agree that this side of the Pond there are many who don't know what a blog is, still less a blogring, so we'd need to spell that out. Hope it's all coming together happily by now.

  22. Woke up this morning and thought, "Lit From Within"


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