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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wednesday Post Highlights

It's wonderful to be gradually getting back in the groove after dealing with the threat of Hurricane Rita. Many thanks to all of you who checked on me and left notes of concern during those stressful days. Who says a virtual community can't be similar to a real community? Not me.

Speaking of hurricanes, St. Cassarole is preparing to return to her home after several weeks away following Hurricane Katrina. Bad Alice writes about the difficulty of watching her husband struggle with intractable pain. Stop by and leave them an encouraging word.

Congratulations to Lorna who was the subject of this week's Methodist Blogger Profile by John at Locusts and Honey. She joins fellow RevGals Reverend Mommy, and Grandma Jean and Beth Quick in that exclusive club of Methodist Bloggers. By the way, it's a great interview, too.

In quick run around the webring I found that Jo(e) went skinny dipping at the monastery, Pink Shoes wants to know What's In Your Car?, and Faith or Fiction has the perfect recipe for that squash-hating husband. Looking for creative ideas for your confirmation class? Check out Reverend Mommy's use of movie clips to illustrate the differences between the Four Gospels.

Lastly, don't miss Hey Jules post about what blogging and the RevGalBlogPals webring means to her. I can't summarize it and do it justice, so read it for yourself.

A Word on Behalf of Reverend Mommy and the Advent Devotional Book Project:

Help Reverend Mommy! If you owe her a devotional, please get it to her as soon as possible. Also, check her post below and leave your vote for the book title.


  1. great round up .. really appreciate this :)

  2. QG: I'm glad you liked the "Ripples" post. I think out of everything I've written so far, it's gotten the most reaction out of my readers. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it too.

    And thanks for taking the time to do these daily roundups! I really like seeing what's out there. : )


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