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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Roundup

Thursday round-up.

Peacebang who is not really a part of this webring, but really should be talks about who a minister really is during a funeral. Wonderful read.

PPB blogs on a good grief today as well.

Bad Alice offers expert advice. And it sounds so very very true. And familiar. Almost painfully so.

Revmom/cheesehead has one of those situations.... Disgruntled congregants. Again, sounds familiar.

Friday Mom met God on Monday. She's a blonde who smells bad. An excellent story.

Jane Ellen is preparing for ordination and compares it to a wedding. Sounds like fun.

Sue deals with bullies.

Preacher mom blogs for the first time in a couple of weeks. Sounds like she needs to meet Alice. They both could use a hug.

Lutheranchik blogs about angels.

Susie at Nueva Cantora blogs about libraries (I love libraries!) and banned book week (as do I.

Will Smama blogs from the beach. Sounds like she is having a wonderful time -- RevGalBlogPal convention at the beach? Epworth at the Sea is at St. Simon's.....

Terri learns why CPE is sometimes called "ripping the student a new one."

Purechristianithink blogs about her condolence calls -- and why she should look more like Kate Winslet.

Reverend Mother blogs about a new week -- sorta like plant a tree week but different. You learn something every day....

Lorna doorblogs for Friday -- of course her Friday comes before mine does....

St. Casserole is on the way home today. Traveling mercies her way.

1 comment:

  1. BAD ALICE - your blog had me in stiches!!!

    just wait until they are teenagers. (grin)


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