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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday: Around the Horn

Just thought your local tomboy would throw in a sports reference…

Starting with myself (because with a Session meeting tonight, I am saving all of my servant type leadership for tonight) I have blogged about my thoughts before going on vacation… tomorrow… to the beach (Can you hear that note? “Me-me-me-me-meeeee...) and I have thrown in a rant about the stinkier side of agriculture.

Time being limited (please see blog – ok, no really I am done now) I thought I would scope out the newbies first since nothing made me feel more ‘at one’ with the revgalblogpals than seeing my blog name in ‘link-ese’! Here are those from the list who updated:

Possible Water – Health update, Eli’s blog
Another Country – birth announcement (not hers)

Other entries:
St. Casserole– Kitty Guest Blogger (don’t ask, just read)
A Raid on the Inarticulate – A touching blog in memory of her father
Cheesehead in Paradise – decides she’s good enough…
Faith or Fiction? – posts a bit o’ rant and PUPPY PICTURES!
I will sing – Needs the bishop & rector to agree with her about her next call placement
Narrow at the Outset – How you can celebrate a team that scores a total of 23 points in two games is beyond me… ok, actually I totally understand. And God bless ya’ for staying up that late!

Our rockers include:
Wide-eyed and laughing, Hoosier Musings... Musings of a Discerning Woman and preacher,blogger, or procastinator… (ok, that’s me again!)

Some of your blogs also include a quiz about what foreign language you should take which leads me to include this:
RANDOM FOREIGN LANGUAGE BLOG of the Week! My 8 years of Introductory Spanish classes leads me to believe it is in Spanish (or something similar. Other than that, please peruse at your own risk. I have no idea what it is saying; only that it includes pictures of two men on a couch (yes, clothed – you disgust me) and The Lord’s Supper (yes, clothed – seriously!)

Enjoy and have a great week! I will miss next Tuesday as I will be at the beach!
Hee, hee – I snuck in one more link…

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  1. It's Italian, but mine isn't quite good enough to translate it easily. I'll keep looking at it and trying to figure it out...the title means "Punishment and Panic" or "Sadness and Panic"


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