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Monday, September 19, 2005

just another manic monday

Happy Monday everyone. My goodness, our little group is blossoming! I'm sorry if I missed your blog in my quick spin around the ring. Here are some highlights--check out the Saturday and Sunday updates for other great stuff:

Songbird faces that nightmare scenario--the early Sunday morning realization that the sermon bites. Read how well it turns out for her here.

Juniper68 at Possible Water links to a funny Bush joke and jumps on the Julian bandwagon. St. Casserole contemplates a new article of clothing.

jo(e) writes about an amazing student trip and has us all ready to register for her class.

Lots of great slice-of life stuff, including answers to the eternal question, "What do you people do all day?" at
Good in Parts, Becky's Monday Morning Letters, and Terri at Ps 121.

Finally, Kinesis continues wrestling with Sunday's hand-grenade of a parable, and Tammy at Sacramentality ponders the sacred ordinary in the monarch's journey.

Last of all--come have fun with movie titles here!


  1. there's spam on pastor anon. thought you'd like to know ... sigh I HATE spam especially on blogs. It's such an invasion of privacy

    maybe word verification will help there too ?

  2. It looks like pastor anonymous did as you suggested.


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