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Monday, September 12, 2005

Uh, Hmmm....

I am losing track of stuff rapidly. I haven't done anything online in a couple of days and boy, y'all have been generous with your talents. The devotional grid is full -- I actually have a couple of extras scheduled. Please send finished devotionals as soon as you can so that I can format them and Mary Beth and I can edit.

I am working on the cover right now. Any suggestions for a Title? Many of the ones we have now are about light and darkness -- what do you think?

BTW, Cokesbury in Atlanta wants to carry the book. And Real Live Preacher is willing to write a foreword. Goody!


  1. Hi-I know I"m new here...but I take black and white photography as a hobby and I have an amazing picture of a candle that might look nice...would capture the "light" and "dark" motif going on....just a thought

  2. Good point .... I don't want to steal your thunder, but if we want more photos, I'd be willing to toss some into the pot .... I have a cool candle/cross/altar one also. (But truly, Amy, I'm not trying to step on your toes here!)

  3. Amy, are you able to post the photo somewhere? I would love to see it.

  4. I'm totally not offended if you guys want to go with something else.....I will try to scan it and get it online sometime today if I can...hey, does anyone know how to add my blog site to the list on the side with everyone else's blogs? Thanks for the help.....I"m glad I found this group of great women!

  5. Trying to write mine now, in between bouts of reading about death and dying for that discussion session this weekend. Only 2 funerals this week, though...
    But reverend mommy, if there are folks left out who would like to be included I am more than happy to offer one of my two dates. Feel free to apportion either,- just let me know which!

  6. Here is another suggestion in addition to Amy's--SpookyRach (Skewed View) is one of my (and other) blog readers--she has a CafePress store and one of her photographic images there is a cross in the center, with three lit candles on one side and three unlit on the other--they're votives, like the candles one lights when saying a prayer for someone. A nice image. Check it out here. It may need to be lightened a bit.

  7. If we do go with the light/darkness theme for the cover art, perhaps a variation of John 1:5 "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it" might work for the title? In the Episcopal tradition, the first chapter of John is read every year on the first Sunday after Christmas.

  8. I am so excited about this - aren-t you all. The photos sound lovely - all of them. HOpe we don't have to choose :( ... maybe one could be on the backcover?

    a foreword by rlp too
    my my my :)

    thanks for being such an inspiration all of you. You have had an impact in my life... for example:

    Kathryn did her expenses before hols - and inspired me to sort out my receipts and paper work.

    and I finally cleared my "office" today - I can see the desk and the floor - thanks to you Rev Mommmy! Your photos inspired me.

  9. Amy, I'm the Blogroll person. I'm sorry I didn't get you on there; I try to do it as I'm waving the wand to add you to the ring, but sometimes I don't catch it. I'll do it right now.


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