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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday Round-Up

Greetings all! I fully expect after a few rounds of Tuesday posts from me to have my 'revgalblogpals' keys revoked! Until then...

We get some 'slice of life' updates from Jen at ordinary time (bike accident - yikes), bad alice, finding avalon, Susan Rose at Musings of a discerning woman (get thee to a nunnery!), MiBi,reverend mother and see-through faith.

Hurricane Katrina blogs include Friday Mom's raw reflection on her involvement with hurricane evacuees through her residency. Quotidian Grace gives an update on the doin's in Houston with an interesting note on the Muslim community especially in light of 9/11. St. Casserole's posts continue to be riveting no matter how short. She is so much in our prayers. I will sing posts on the lighter side of Hurricane Relief. And Ann give us an opportunity to give direct help to Vanessa, a hurricane evacuee.

Some other notes:
faith or fiction asks if Satan is God's plaything or actual nemesis.
Grandma Jean sparks me into wondering why we cannot have the equivalent of maternity leave after every time we preach?
jo(e) writes a powerful account of a fundraiser for a women's shelter and has a great line from a student in the post just below it.
notshychirev takes a ride down memory lane at Astroworld (ticket please).
New Song takes her digs at the GOES (Episcopal ordination exams).
Rebel Without a Pew continues on her church's journey towards dissolution.
In 'Tales of a Fifth Grade Princess songbird tells of a timeless ritual - first bra shopping.
Terrapin Station reflects eloquently on loving those we disagree with and praying for our enemies.
And Thoughts from a First Year Minister blogs about her Profession of Faith class with Jr. High boys. All I can say is enjoy the honesty, First Year... and remember they have no idea why they're acting that way either!

Which Saint are You? seems to be the latest quiz making the rounds. I myself am way behind the times having just completed 100 things about me. And yes, when you jump on the bandwagon that late, it does leave a mark.

I am now dizzy and must go. You have one more week of judging and then a week of discernment as I will be away at the beach and unable to post.

Until next time...


  1. Actually, I'm quite glad you picked up a set of keys...

  2. Wow! I'm breathless reading all of this. You will be a hard act to follow tomorrow. Great job, will smama!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Yikes! Sorry for the triplicate comments--Blogger was acting buggy.

  6. Plus, I really like the idea of saying "Smama did the round up today."

  7. Songbird, lol. My sister and I used to say 'yo mama' to each other all the time. I guess 'smama' can work too. My husband actually started all of that because he was forced to wear a name tag and on it he wrote 'Will Spapa'.

    I guess I'll have to adjust my screen name if we have another kid.

  8. Well, that's why smama works so well...

  9. Whoa! You are amazing. Whoa! Lots of work, thanks Will smama.

  10. Maternity leave! Yeah! I like it!


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