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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday Highlights From the Ring

First of all, there's a new report from St. Cassarole. Good news, her church and all her people survived. Keep them in your prayers.

In other Katrina-related postings, Bring All the Walls Down remembers 9/11 and Katrina and reflects on how people are the places they call home. I continue my ongoing blogging from Houston and Preacher,Blogger or Procrastinator awards her Boot to the Head to the hurricane and asks for your nominees. Reverendmommy shares a prediction about the damage of a hurricane in New Orleans. Presbyterians on the ring should check out A Modest Proposal by Rebel Without a Pew (yes, it is hurricane-related).

Moving to other subjects, Jules at Faith or Fiction asks "What Do You Love Most About the Bible?" You can find notes on Anne Lamott's new book Plan B from Ordinary Time. Anyone who ever was a substitute teacher for a middle school class will relate to Emily's report of her adventure with a 7th grade religion class.

Jo(e) reflects on the awkwardness of reconnecting with an estranged brother, Rev. Mibi shares good and bad things from her day and Jane Ellen of Hoosier Musings has some newly-picked apples.

Here's another one of those quizzes: What Kind of Coffee Are You? Hat tip to Lutheran Chik. I'm not even taking it because I know the answer--I'm Starbucks grande regular coffee, with room for non-fat milk.

Grace and peace to each of you.


  1. Hello... I happened upon this ring and I think I'm a pretty good candidate for joining.

    I'm a first-year pastor ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

    I live, minister, and blog (among other things) in Southern California. My primary blog is called "any day a beautiful change" and the address is

    Looking forward to exploring all these fantastic blogs.


  2. And also with you, Grace.

    Join us, katherine! We even have t-shirts, mugs and spiral-bound journals for sale! :-)

  3. About the merchandise... gotta admit that intimidated me at first, but the "does my butt look big in this pulpit" eased me fears.

    And had me laughing for days.

  4. i am SUCH a fan of that mug. i'm going to give five for christmas presents.

  5. Just found this ring via Katherine, a friend from seminary days. I'm SOOOOOOO excited, I needed a community like this. Also I want the mug - the picture of it on Katherine's site is what brought me here. If ya put the logo on other things I'll probably not be able to resist buying those either, especially if it were to find it's way onto the messanger bag...

  6. The tote bag is EXCELLENT :-) And, bless them, cafe press asked me for feedback before it had arrived here (the Atlantic has that effect on many things) so assumed that it had got lost and sent me a second I'm a very happy rev gal, feeling very eco conscious as I can now carry the shopping without recourse to plastic bags.


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