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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Link-Ups

Will Smama was so thorough yesterday that today's highlights from the webring will be relatively brief.

Several RevGalPals blogged about their recent personal struggles. Revmom lost her composure after a memorial service and worries about the effect of that on her congregation. Hey Jules at Faith or Fiction writes about "Becoming Transparent" about her life. Fall is a restless season, says Lutheran Chik, and she finds her spirit also is restless. Susan Rose is glad that God knows whiners.

Here are the latest Katrina-related posts: Sue at Inner Dorothy wants to find more creative ways to help than sending money, Becky at Monday Morning Letters congratulates her church for its reponse to the needs of the evacuees, and Ann (What Is Your Only Comfort) has a New Orleans Loyola college student living with her for the rest of the semester while she attends Fordham U. and needs gift cards. And for all of you out there who are puzzled about the pronounciation of those towns in Katrina's path, St. Cassarole offers both Basic and Advanced Pronounciation Guides.

For a bit of fun, read Reverend Mother's recipe for "Lazy Mom's Play-Doh", try jo(e)'s fall meme, or indulge in the latest internet quiz "Which M*A*S*H Character are you Most Like?" Tip of the bonnet to Jane Ellen at Hoosier Musings for the quiz. She was Father Mulcahey, and when I took the quiz I was also Father Mulcahey--which begs the question, are any of the RevGalPals NOT going to be Father Mulcahey?? C'mon, fess up!


  1. Father Mulcahy, of course, although I worried that I was a little liberal about sex for a priest...

  2. Hmm. I ended up being Major Hot Lips Houlihan. I don't remember particularly liking her character . . .

  3. Padre here too... I was sure my answers were too "un-priestly" but I guess not...

  4. What I meant to say is, "I thought perhaps I was, for a priest, a bit too liberal about sex."


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