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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tech Support

We don't really have a tech support department. Reverend Mommy and I are both new to the WebRing thing and doing our best to have things go smoothly for both the ring and the blog.

I believe I have everyone on the blogroll now; thanks to Amy for pointing out that she had been missed.

If you are a prospective member and need help adding the html code to your blog, check the archives for July. We posted help for both Blogger and Typepad at that time. If you're using something else and need help, respond here and we will try to find the information for you.

There is some sort of snafu related to St. Casserole's URL if you try to connect to her using the "List" function in the webring sidebar. It looks fine in her registration information, so I cannot explain this cyber mystery. Her blog is accessible from the Blogroll here, and of course you can bookmark her yourselves.

Due to an increase in spam comments on Blogger, some of our members do not allow non-Blogger comments, while others are using the codeword approach to frustrate the spammers. I have noted a complaint about the former approach and would point out that it is free to register with Blogger and get an ID that will allow you to post; a Blogger blog is not required, although it may seem like you are going through the process to set up a blog. It's a little more trouble than registering for Haloscan comments or Typepad comments, but once it's done, you're all set. (I personally have sometimes needed to type in a codeword more than once, due to having 44-year-old eyes; I've made an appointment with the eye doctor.)

Please, if you have a complaint about something to do with tech for the Web Ring, bring it here to the blog rather than leaving it in other people's comments. There is no guarantee that it will be seen in a timely fashion in a comments box. The Web Ring e-mail address is also available, although it is not checked daily.

This is a new group and very new technology for some of us. Please be patient.


  1. I'm glad to hear someone else has to retype too! One time it took me until my FOURTH TRY to realize it was a 'j' not an 'l'.

  2. I think I know what the issue is on St. Cass' link: If you mouse-over it, you'll see that it's missing the magic letters "www"

    My home computer does not need those, but my work computer does. So, for instance, at home I can just type "" and get where I'm going, but not at the university!

    I tried to figure out how to fix it, but sorry, I don't know Blogger well.

    :) Mary Beth

  3. Thank you for adding me! I'm glad to learn from all of you....


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