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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yee-Haw! Sunday's Round-Up!

Greetings, friends! I have been much occupied in preparing my home for visitors this weekend - which visit is now done. I feel like my brain is cooked, though I haven't used it much the last few days - it's all been my body doing the work. Must consider this. Perhaps a balance of blogging AND vacuuming is called for the next time!

In the meantime - around the Ring, many considerations are under way. I imagine many of us folks from the liturgical leaning are thinking about today's Gospel (Matthew 20:1-16): I call it the BEGRUDGING story. If I work all day, shouldn't I get more than someone who works only half an hour!? As my 16-year-old says, "That SUCKS! It isn't FAIR!" Go see Emily at Hazelnut Reflections, who thinks about this in a refreshing way.

Lutheran Chik has been well loved by her Sunday Schoolers, and Pink Shoes had a lovely, similar gift from a child with Down Syndrome.

Poems from Reverend Mommy and Reverend Mother. Lorna is making long-term plans. Rebel without a Pew and Telling Truth are thinking of life and death, in literal terms and also in the come-and-go that faces us all. And St. Casserole weeps to know that her friend is moving from the Coast to Chicago.

Lord, cast your net under us all. Sustain us with your peace and your sweet, lovely darkness. Bring us again to your perfect light.


  1. Mary Beth, my sermon this morning was titled "It's Not Fair!" :-)

  2. I had to go read my own blog to find out what long term plans I'd been making ROFL

    I hadn't thought of it in those terms - and it was good too.

    be blessed :)

  3. My sermon was "Some Whine with Your Manna . . ."


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