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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Advent Devotional

I've received devotionals from these persons:
Songbird (3)
Quotidian Grace
Jane Ellen
Susan Rose
Pink Shoes
Ann at What is your Only Comfort?
Kathryn at Good in Parts (2)
Auntie Em at No Place Like Home
Reverend Mother (2)
Pure Christian I Think
Emily at Hazelnut Reflections
Terri C at Psalm 121
Rev Stacey (2)
LutheranChik (2)
revmom/ Cheesehead (2)
Lorna at Heavenly Train (2)
Jennifer at Ordinary Time
will smama -- preacher, blogger, procrastinator
Jenee at Textweek
Hey Jules at Faith or Fiction
Reverend Mommy (2)
Emily at Hazelnut Reflections
Susie at Nueva Cantora
Mary Beth
Smallest Angel
Katherine at Any Day

I need a bio for Mia, for sure. I'm going to post the document -- PLEASE look at it and pass on opinion/corrections. If there is no scripture, I need the scripture from you. If there is no prayer, I need a prayer. If there is no bio, I need a bio. I need the version of the scripture, as well. I am organizationally challanged. =o) If I have your name wrong, please let me know. If I have the wrong name on your devotional, again, PLEASE let me know.

The document is found here.


  1. reverend mommy -- you've left me off the list, but I went to the document and my piece is in there. However, I don't seem to be credited with writing it.

    It's the first piece for January 7, 2006 re: baptism of Jesus. It begins with an anecdote about my being sixteen when I was baptized and confirmed.....

    My bio is there with the others. I've changed my mind about including my picutre with the bio -- could you remove it? thanks!

    So if you could add my name after the piece that would be great. thanks much....

  2. It looks like there are a couple of names missing toward the end (or maybe I just saw Sue's missing). Sue, can she use the picture of Dorothy for you?
    rev mommy, my blog has a new address:
    It looks wonderful! I can't wait to read the whole thing, one day at a time.

  3. corrections Sorry for this. I think the Scripture corrections are because I cut and pasted and didn't check carefully enough myself :(

    on Dec 13th
    1) there's an odd number 3 in the Bible verse just before May God himself .. could you remove that please. :)

    2)there's also an odd ) at the end of the first paragraph after Iceland ...

    3) and in the middle of p 46 - sorry about this.. there's a funny quotation mark that's round the wrong way it's just before The One

    Him. This word tells us that “’The One who calls you is faithful and

    Jan 3rd:
    p 89 second paragraph - an odd 5 in the Scripture (before the words to redeem)

    oh and you've put Katherine's name on that devotional - but actually it's mine. so it should say Lorna


    One last thing - in the bio - it should be see-through faith (English spelling and no capitals)


    hugs and blessings

    PS re Mia's (as she's not in town) ... I'm not sure what date it was for - that's missing - but the Bible verse isn't written out at the top- only the verse. So that should be added too. Tx

    her bio and photo are on the way :)


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