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Monday, October 03, 2005


about titles. Well, believe it or not, almost everything we suggested was already in use.

Here's one that is not:
"A Light Blazes in the Darkness" -- This is from The Message, John 1:4

Not used. We could make it
A Light Blazes in the Darkness: Advent Reflections from an Intentional Online Community
Written by members of the RevGalBlogPals Webring
Edited by Theresa Coleman and Mary Beth Butler
Foreword by Gordon Atkinson of

I am still missing devotionals. Please please please send them my way SOON. If you can do one PLEASE let me know.

And aside:
Are shingles contagious? We have 5 people in the church with them right now. And now one side of my face is tingling and burning -- and I have a bit of a rash going on....


  1. I don't think it's contagious. It's a virus that lies dormant in your system if you have had chickenpox in the past....right?

    STRESS can bring it out! Y'all stressed out? Take a deep breath...and send me some stuff to edit!

  2. A Light Blazes in the Darkness... I like that title. Can't wait to see it!

  3. Shingles are not contagious except to people who have never had chicken pox, and then they get chicken pox, not shingles.

    I know this because I have been unfortunate enough to have shingles,at the tender age of 37, over my right eye. I had no earthly idea I was getting shingles. I thought I had a bad sinus infection and a mild acne breakout. My horrified doctor sent me to ER on Christmas Eve--whee hee.

    Anyhoo, in my case it felt as if someone were shoving an icepick through my eye, but if you have tingling and a rash on one side I would get it checked. It can be quite dangerous if it gets into your optic nerve or the nerves feeding your ear.

    Um, they can be triggered by stress, including other illnesses. Is everyone under major stress at your church?

  4. eer if 5 people at church have it, doesn't that suggest it is contagious like chicken pox

    but it is stress related

    errrm do you still need one doing . I could I guess but I've done two. (you did get the 2nd one didn't you. EMAIL me or leaved a message here if not!)

    did you get one from Mia? if not I can chase that. I think she said she'd written it - but she's not Rev Gals only cos she doesn't hve a blog.

    A light blazes in the darkness

    or a light blazing in the darkness

    would be wonderful. Just what Advent is about.

    the rest is brilliant :)

  5. I like that title. I could also do another reflection if one is still needed.

  6. Please tell me you got my reflection. I emailed it off the day it was due, but didn't hear back. And I LOVE that title.

  7. I love the title.

    I can do another devotional.

    As far as the shingles... what they said.

  8. Also like the title. Also sent in my reflection. Also hadn't heard back. Let me know if you need me to send it again

  9. Echoing what everyone else has said... I love the title, hope you got my devotion, hope you're feeling better...

  10. Like the title a lot. I'm still available as a (shadow) editor (I don't need/want the byline) if you need it! Take care of yourself!

  11. Mine's coming, I promise!!!!! {very very sheepishly}

    I'm curious about the shingles piece ..... all day my face has felt like it's sunburned (red, hot, tight skin), but there's no reason for sunburn and no temperature .... plus noticing a rash beginning....

    If you gave it to me {evil threat following} ..... ;-Þ

  12. oh, i hope you are ok. get thee to a physican straight away!

    i would do another devotional, but only if you REALLY needed it. let me know

  13. The title is great!

    I would call the doc just to be sure...

  14. yikes, I hope you're okay. I know someone with shingles now, too. It does seem to be in the air.

  15. It struck me last night that is the vulnerability to shingles a result of the stress in the wake of the Tsunami Katrina and Rita. 2005 has been a really challenging year for our faith hasn't it?

    Do hope you are ok.
    SHOUT if you need more help in ANY way.

  16. Ugh, shingles!
    I like the title. You should have three entries from me, and I hope they all arrived.

  17. Reverend Mommy--if you still need additional devotionals let me know. I can write another one.

  18. I second the "get thee to the doctor" statement. There is some medicine available that can shorten the symptoms of shingles IF it prescribed early on. For my dad, it worked well. For a church member who was late getting a diagnosis, she continued to have complications for months. Take care of yourself!


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