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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blog Tech

You may have noticed that I took off the "updated" status for a while yesterday. It's back again. I am concerned that since it is biased in favor of Blogger some others will be ignored, but I we will have to trust our updaters to work around and be as inclusive as possible. (Yes, that includes me, on both sides of the equation.)

Will Smama, I tried the double ping form this morning for my Typepad blog; we'll see if it makes any difference.

In other BlogRoll news, if I am the ring manager who moves you to Member status, I automatically add you to the BlogRoll. If, however, it is Reverend Mommy who moves you, I don't know you are a member unless and until she tells me or mentions you here. I check in on the blog fairly frequently most days, but not at all on some others if work does not permit.

If you don't see yourself on the BlogRoll, please e-mail me at That's also the place to e-mail if you are a potential member and can't figure out how to add the code to your site. In our archives for July there are instructions for both Blogger (first entry you will see) and Typepad (scroll down). If you need further help, I will be glad to try and give it, as I have added the code to both myself.


  1. Oooh, Songbird. Who is the shaman of the webring now?

  2. The ping code seems to work for me ok. Sometimes it takes an while for it to show "updated, but it does work.

    I have to thank you guys again for putting this group together. Turns out Anna at All Manner of Thing is someone I've seen round the web for ages and she's relatively close by IRL.

    I'm trying to figure out how to talk about my own calling to the people best able to help me answer it, and seeing that I'm not the only one who feels a bit daunted is a great support. Thank you all so much!

  3. the ping code has not worked for me (Terrapin Station) yet. But I am in the benighted far reaches of Typepad land.

    Songbird, if you could resend me that code it would be great! the other day I tried to click over to RevGals from that link on my website, and realized it takes me to Reverend Mommy! :) which is a great place to go, but not the idea behind posting the code.

  4. I posted a new entry last night and did the manual update, but it was during the time that the update notation was disabled. So I'll have to try it next time.

    In the meantime--I updated my blog.

    Thanks Songbird for your gurufication!

  5. Thank you! It's so easy to get isolated in ministry. Since so many of you are just starting in your ordination process or in your first years of ministry, I'm looking forward to reconnecting with that sense of awe and wonder that comes with discovery.

  6. Mary Beth, I'll e-mail it to you, or rather have RingSurf do it.

  7. This is so are all genii and I am hugely impressed :-)


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