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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday's Round-Up

I am on dial-up this evening so I will do the best I can (this is already my second try having lost in cyberspace the first one. Fortunately I cut and pasted a copy to Word so I would not have to jump off the church building from computer frustration. I might also add that the church building is only 1 story, so I only would have broken an ankle. Hardly worth it).

ANYWAY, if you are having trouble getting your site to show as updated on this blog roll then check out the suggestions in the article and the comments below. I have tried them all and made an elixir complete with eye of newt that I rubbed on my computer. Here's hoping something worked.

I am pretty excited about the Advent devotional and give thanks to to reverend mommy for all of her hard work. I think all the work she did plus sitting for the portrait on the front cover deserves a serious tip-of-the-halo.

But seriously folks...

Some blogs of interest:
Bad Alice is seeing stars.

Brother Terry, finding avalon, pink shoes, sister christer, and ann are among those who paid tribute to Rosa Parks.

clever title here gives a rundown of her experience of Ramadan in Egypt.

I didn't have the patience to wait for the pictures on
gally cat abbey's blog but she has one of my favorite title lines: Part Episcopalian, part rock-critic, part ... hey! shiny!

jo(e) offers some stealth blogging tips.

Catch a glimpse of potentially the cutest baby on the planet here (but for a limited time only).

pure christian i think challenges us to look a disturbing trend right in the face.

reverend mother gives us a brief glimpse into career day.

Zinnhead starts a great conversation about fundamentalists and evangelists which combines an excellent use of both a history lesson and 'soapboxin'.

I finally have a method to my Round Up madness although by this time next week we will probably have 182 members with 8 more blogs in the queueueue (cool word, but I can never spell it).

Until then, thanks for writing!


  1. great pic :)

    and great round up . thanks for your hard work! You always make everything sound so interesting and fun too!

  2. DUH on me. My "lost in cyberspace" post was on preacher, blogger or procrastinator instead of here.

    Again, duh.


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