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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Help! We need an introduction.

My designer dude couldn't fit all the text on the back cover, thus we need an introduction.

What I have to work with:
"The RevGalBlogPals webring homepage is found at The webring is an Open Table -- anyone can join but it is especially for clergywomen who maintain a weblog and their friends and acquaintances who blog as well. We represent a diverse group of people -- women ministers, with or without children, discerning women, other clergypersons -- and our friends. The main webpage forms us as an intentional community. We laugh, pray and grow together as clergy, as Christians and as women."

BUT we need:
Nice opening statment
a sentance about when it all started,
What a webring is
the characteristics of this community
and invitation to read the book and use it throughout the season.

I haven't two brain cells right now to rub against each other -- and a bible study to teach in about an hour.

Please please please, post in the comments your suggestions. I'll edit it tonight after all settles down...


  1. Once upon a time, in an internet not so far away, there lived a group of faithful women.
    The women prayed, laughed, cried and sighed together and soon discovered that they had formed a circle. Over time, the circle widened to include men of faith also. They had a web-ring, a circle of bloggers, where stories of faith and life could be shared, and friends could be made.

    They called their circle the RevGalBlogPals an intentional community of unique individuals walking together in faith. But this community is no fairy tale, it is real and delightful!

    You are invited to share in our circle by enjoying “A Light Blazes in the Darkness: Advent Devotionals from an Intentional Online Community.” Be our guests. Make yourselves at home, and feel the blessing of this Advent season as you celebrate it with us.

    This is probably way too long, but if there's anything in there you can use......

  2. I Like IT! Nicely done Sue.

    Out of curiosity, how long have the RGBP been around??

  3. I like Sue's words. Here are some dates and timeline items to help:
    The official birth of a group came from a post by St. Casserole on July 19th of this year, wondering if we could have a t-shirt for the "RevBlogGalPals."
    Read it here:
    The comments ran to 114. Within 2 days, rev mommy had figured out how to get us on RingSurf, reverendmother had designed the first t-shirt and my UCC self had made a plea for the more inclusive "RevGalBlogPals," which made room for Blog Pals of Rev Gals who were neither Revs nor Gals themselves. That's why we name St. Casserole in the dedication as having named this need. I know there had been various comments in the weeks before that, on many of our blogs, voicing appreciation for our burgeoning informal community.

  4. Cool. July 19th was my birthday!!

  5. Thanks Songbird. WOW, amazing what can flow from a t-shirt suggestion.

    I know that it was Sue (InnerDorothy) who first got me reading most of you. I found a lot of you by following links on her blog (which I was reading even before starting my own). Then out of nowhere comes an invite to join in the comments section of one of my posts.

    I look forward to the book--I try to get a devotional book for both Advent and LEnt (shorter seasons, I can usually stay on top of doing one each day). And I am more than willing to provide an entry for the Ordinary TIme volume.

  6. You are all genii...thank you so much for this...and the "Once upon a time" intro is excellent. Is there any value in mentioning if we have a bit of extra space the fact that the ring stretches beyond the USA/Canada? Just a thought...

  7. I agree with Kathryn, it would be good to mention that we are international.

  8. Sue's intro is just brilliant. I agree with adding the dates from Songbird and that we are international. Well done, everyone!

  9. So, the designer dude and I still don't have the cover final -- so keep the thoughts flowing....

  10. The RevGalBlogPals webring is a circle of blogging women clergy, women discerning a vocation, and their friends, across denominations and countries, an intentional community of unique individuals sharing in laughter, prayer and spiritual growth.

  11. Just read what I presume to be the Foreword by RLP on the companion website. I like!

  12. Perhaps include on the dust cover in a prominent location that proceeds will go for hurricane relief efforts. If no dust cover, think prominent location for shopper browsing. It will make a delightful holiday gift for loved ones and make the giving richer by knowing that the gift also goes to those of you who will be struggling for a long time to come. It is very frustrating for some of us to know how to share. I do not have many spare $$, my health will not allow being in the humidity, mold, etc. But I will find a way to give a bit of a gift to a few folks I care about, and it will be your book. Power to you, strong women all, and to the guys too.

  13. missed you all but I'm back home again now :) I feel it's such an honour and fun too to be part of this ring. Espcially living overseas in a non- English speaking land *you lot* have been a life line so many time. Thank you all.

    Sue your writing was great! I liked it a lot :)


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