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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday Whirlwind Around the Ring

I'm back from the "visioning" retreat in the Piney Woods--my reaction is here. There was no internet access in the boonies, so I was eager to catch up with my ring reading. Being the designated Wednesday reporter meant I had a good excuse to get right to it! Besides, I missed y'all.

Beth Quick is also attending meetings and blogs about hearing an interesting speaker on the subject of the civil rights movement. Agreeing to substitute preach for this Friday's Healing Eucharist service has Jen nervous but eager. Bad Alice appreciated Lorna's post about Alice's husband's chronic health problems. Isn't that what this cyber-community is all about!I

Life is at a crossroads for Hey Jules. Sue decides that science and religion aren't so different. Rachel asks herself is she can really be a born-again Christian AND a Tarot junkie. Good question--I don't know, can you?

Hurricane Wilma is in the news--and looks pretty frightening. Go Away! St. Casserole describes the effect of Katrina on churches and ministers in her area. Can you find a way to help? An unused church building in Indiana is being sold on e-bay and the proceeds will be donated to Katrina victims--see Pondering Perfection for the details.

Lastly, Gord posted pretty pictures of snow in October. Well, they looked pretty to me--it's 90 degrees and sunny down here today.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! I'll enjoy it immensely if a certain baseball team wins tonight.


  1. So that would be the Cardinals who are supposed to win right ;)

    Enjoy the ball game!

  2. He is not on this ring, but you might enjoy Irenic Thoughts - his posting today is interesting (but most all of them are).



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