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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Late Round Up

Seriously people, I've pinged, rolled and listed... nothin'.

Quotidian Grace tries to convince us that 'razzlefrackzit' is her favorite curse word. Even those of us not into baseball can sympathize with a city's heartbreak. Think Oswalt QG.

reverend mother gives us a random (annd might I say quite busy)life update. I cannot believe reverend baby will be here soon (no pressure on the little pk if this remains his/her nickname).

rev to be mibi blogs about her Sunday. My favorite part is the questioner with the axe to grind. Haven't all of us who have gone before 'those looking down upon the newbie' had at least one of those.

pondering perfection asks what the words of Jesus say to us. In this blog he is referencing the narrow gate.

Jane Ellen at hoosier musings on the road to emmaus has begun her on call chaplaincy job at the hospital. She made it to work on time but it wasn't pretty!

jo(e) appears to be in a really good place. Her reflections on her daughter in the classroom both as an infant and now as a young adult is heart warming and the latest blog about Mom's apple pie is belly warming.

There are a lot of other great updated blogs out there that I cannot do justice to. A lot of folks did the latest meme and they are a lot of fun to read. We should all go around again and just say briefly if we got that chore that was on our list done or not!

Well, I gave myself a time limit and I have reached it. The dog has seconded that opinion as he has headed up to bed without me. I get the hint... good night.


  1. AS for the Friday Five. Yes I got all the chores I listed done. But then the rest of the blasted leaves fell off the tree and you could hardly tell raking had happened!!! NOw they re covered with a couple inches of snow so may well end up stayingt here until spring (the snow will melt but moving soaking wet leaves around is nowhere close to fun).

  2. Soaking wet, fermented leaves are nowhere near as much fun to jump into either.

  3. I definitely walked the dogs, as did the boys.


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