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Monday, October 31, 2005


No one is in chat tonight.
Please pray for Entropy.
After an exciting night in the ER, it has been determined that she has Rheumatic Fever.
She's on antibiotics and is extremely uncomfortable -- high fever and sore joints.
She also has a 'strawberry tongue' like she had last year when she had scarlet fever.
My face is stinging and burning from the fatigue and the Bell's palsy right now. Somehow that's easier to take.
I'm worried and I can't seem to pray right now except for the "help us, help us, help us" prayer and the "please, please, please" prayer.


  1. praying

    Lord we ask for your healing hand on both Entrophy and Rev Mommy Ease the discomfort, remove the pain and pour your oil of healing onto these two lives. Restore them to full health.

    Thank you that Rev Mommy's "help us, help us, help us" prayer and the "please, please, please" prayer is heard by you and is effective.

    Thank you too that we can stand in the gap and pray for them too along with You Jesus, prime intercessor.


  2. Praying here too....
    Much love and hugs to all of you. xx

  3. I am so sorry. I'll be praying for you and Emtropy and your whole family.

  4. Bless her heart--and yours, too. I'm so, so troubled to read this.

    I'm praying for you both and for your whole family. I'll put you on the prayer list at our church.

    May God send healing swiftly!

  5. Prayers, good thoughts, hugs.

  6. Oh my! I feel for you Reverend Mommy. I've done the "help us" and "please please" prayers myself. I've also done the "Oh God," and sobbed for an hour and said Amen. Be blessed my friend

  7. Oh, poor Entropy! And poor Mom, too. Bless you both, you are in my prayers this minute.

  8. Oh, no!!! Many prayers ascending from here for you and Entropy as well.

  9. prayers and hugs for you both...

  10. God, be with all those who care for Entropy and uphold her family this day.


  11. Oops.
    I thought I had posted this to my blog. Heh heh.
    We've visited the Dr. and the Sibley Heart Center today. Too tired to say much but thanks.
    And thanks be to God -- there is no evidence of heart damage.

  12. Well, I'm glad you posted a prayer request here, even if it was an "oops." And I'm so glad to hear there is good news on the heart front.

  13. You look after Entropy, let us do the praying...

  14. Just read this! Am lifting you both up in prayer for peace, for healing, for ease and comfort and faith and light and strength.

  15. Thanks -- I've posted it on my blog (where I thought I did it to begin with) and thought about removing this, but didn't want to lose the comments. =o)

  16. This is the time to allow us to pray for you and allow God's healing presence be felt. God bless you.

  17. actually I think it's great that this went here. Got more of our prayers in quicker - and that might be something we should explore for the future in Rev Gals? Just a thought!

  18. Many, many prayers . . . along with the spirit who is GROANING!


  19. Prayers of healing and comfort for you both!



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