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Monday, October 31, 2005

We're on Amazon

I just noticed that A Light Blazes in The Darkness is now listed on In fact if you type "a light blazes in the darkness" in the search engine, it is the first book that comes up! Hooray--but remember to encourage your friends to buy through which maximizes our percentage of the sales.


  1. NOt only that but when I went to place my order at Lulu the book was listed as a bestseller in the side bar (and Amazon has it listed for $12.99, while Lulu still lists at $9.99--the choice is obvious).

  2. hey hey this IS still good news

    how are the sales btw have we hit that magic 250 yet???

  3. Rick in central PANovember 1, 2005 at 8:12 AM

    Everyone ---
    I just got notice that Lulu shipped my order today! I placed this on Thursday 27-Oct.

    Can't wait!

  4. Hey, this is a little off topic, but for some reason my blog doesn't list as updated in the blog roll even though I try the whole double ping thing. I updated last night in between soggy trick or treaters.

  5. Susan, I've got the same problem. Mine (Set Free is the title) never appears as updated, even though Typepad pings which theoretically pings Blogrolling, and I manually ping Blogrolling, too. It's frustrating, to put it mildly. My best suggestion to those who are not being updated--post a comment here on the day's thread inviting us to read your blog, or if there is no thread for the day, e-mail one of the updaters and ask if they'll post something for you. (Feel free to use me whether or not it's Friday.)
    Shameless self-promotion is welcome here!! We want to be in touch with each other.

  6. Let's not call it shameless self-promotion. Having dealt with a church member who has called me egotistical (who unfortunately was also council chair), let's call it being confident in the gifts and insight God has given us and wanting to celebrate same. No?

  7. I was just trying to avoid the term "blogw*$ring," which seemed perhaps indelicate for the RevGals. :-)
    Why don't we just call it sharing?


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