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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sunday Round-Up on Monday!

See, and you thought Monday was going to be just yucky old Monday, but you get a bonus roundup! because my yesterday didn't go as I thought it would. In fact, my whole last week didn't go as I thought it would...the great news is, I think I'm back on track!

I love the new "Updated" feature to let us rounders-up know what's new on the blogs. However, mine doesn't seem to work...I tried the ping thing...will try again later.

But, to the round-up!

Jen at Ordinary Time and Terri C at Ps. 121 is My Friend are going through CPE. I'm so fascinated to read about this; it is clearly both a blessing and a trial by fire. (I'm sure it seems more like the latter when you're in it yourself!)

CathyKnits shares about the wonderful music she has been part of recently.

HeyJules asks us to look at our foundations. Firm? Mushy? Kathryn reflects on God and what God might be calling us to do. Lorna shares lovely thoughts on her church family.

Jo(e) has had a houseful of teenagers. Most fun! The Rev Mommy has had a wonderful dialogue with her little Entropy and the stuffed Cassie. Entropy is in our prayers for tonsillectomy on Friday. Quotidian Grace has a GOOD EXCUSE, really she does! And Rachel has been visiting churches. Hang in there, Rachel!


  1. Love the update feature, although I updated an nothing shows up by my name. I pinged at blogrolling to be sure. I'll check again later.

  2. I pinged last night and still don't see mine as updated, so this may not be the solution to our quandary.

  3. Somehow I got left off the blogroll in the last addition. Just reminder to add me.

    -- Being Shielded

  4. Mine showed up without pinging. And that's always a good thing.

  5. Mine hasn't said --updated next to ever. What is this pinging?

  6. Leslee - look at the end of the 27 comments on the entry called "Size Transitions in Blog Rings"... someone explains the pinging- thing there :)

  7. Yeah, it hasn't worked for me, I tried it earlier in the day. Bummer.

  8. Thank you for placing me in the round-up! What fun!
    Cathy, still trying to complete the meme and what my favorite curse word is.

  9. Thank you Susie, I'll check it out.


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