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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday Kudos and Roundup

Before giving you today's roundup, a big ATTAGIRL goes out to Reverend Mommy. A Light Blazes in the Darkness is now published. I just successfully completed my order and pasted the html she provides in the post below on my blog.


Now--back to your regularly scheduled roundup. Several bloggers are struggling with issues of pastoral call. Preacher Mom asks how you know when the Spirit is nudging you to consider a change of call. Susan Rose gives advice on exploring calls to different Catholic professed communities. The loss of promising young pastors after difficult first calls troubles Rebel Without a Pew.

The Church Lady has an interesting reflection on bird-watching and the importance of community.

And in the Just For Fun Department: carve your own virtual pumpkin (tip of the gourd to Cathy Knits); check out amazing jack-o-lanterns (thanks, Leslee!) and see how many of the 100 best English novels written since the first publication of Time Magazine you have read ( spotted at Cathy Knits and Clever Title Here.)

Today we are blessed with stupendously fabulous October weather and at least one more World Series game. (go astros)

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the roundup, QG. I just placed my order for copies of our devotional to go to my assistant rector, my spiritual director, and my in-laws. So very cool!

    Many thanks to reverend mommy, who put in an inordinate amount of work making this happen.


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