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Thursday, October 27, 2005

More stuff

I'm setting up a link on the sidebar so you can more easily see the grid for the new book "Ordinary Time." Anyone who wishes to write some for this book is welcome. We are inviting a few guest bloggers to write. If you have any ideas for persons to invite, please let us know.

I'm inviting an editoral team -- reverendmother, Emily at Hazelnut Reflections, Mary Beth, Will Smama, anyone else? I am going to share the password for the email account with them -- and I have set up a calendar here. I can't figure out how to get people able to click and type in their own names, though.

And here is the grid.

At noon we have sold 90 books. Woo Hoo! We need to sell 250 to pay for publishing costs, then it's gravey.


  1. Please sign me up for June 27 and 28. Thanks!

  2. I think I'd like to do 7 August (Eph 4:1-1) and 25 July Mark 6 30-34, 53-56)

    so please sign me up for those.

    I can probably take another one - but let's see what's left nearer the end when everyone's had a chance to pick what they want to do and where's there's still a need


  3. Can I grab July 10th? It's a big day for me -- anniversary of profession. I might snag another one too when I get the chance to look through things, but I wanted to jump on this while I could.


  4. BTW, I advertised our book on the Ship of Fools website, and there was some interest there...since that website is from the UK and is heavily weighted with the Queen's subjects (all over the globe), you may be getting international inquiries! I also let my friends on Beliefnet know.

  5. hey that was a great idea luthernchik - did you go over to church of fools too. There might be interest there too :)

  6. I'd like to do June 11 and 12:
    that's 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1.

    okay? mary beth

  7. OK, it's 6:30 pm and we have sold 125 books!

  8. I'll volunteer for Sept. 17 & Sept. 26 for no particular reason. So if anyone wants to swap, I'm ok with that.

  9. I may take another day as well. But let me think about it (Ordinary TIme is very long--many many more than 85 days).

    Oh and for a shameless plug--I put a TV meme up today. Take a look, give it a try.

  10. I'm going to have to sit this one out, with much regret--I'm paring down and focusing in on getting ready for la bebe. But I wish you well and will buy the finished product for sure!

  11. now I show my .... whatever

    brave face, deep breath!

    I've looked at the grid and I can't work it out.

    It starts on a Thursday and ends on a Wednesday (Nov 29th)


    shouldn't it go up to the Sat before advent next November /December. ?

    Am I reading it wrong - or is it showing wrong - or am I just 'not getting it' LOL

  12. You can put me down for August 20/21, and I will be glad to take other dates as needed.

    I'm also willing to help with the editorail stuff, if you need an additional pair of eyes.

    This is just so cool!

  13. goes
    I'll have a shot at
    2 Cor 8 7-15 on 2nd and or 3rd July (anniversaries of my priesting and 1st Eucharist respectively, plus Ps 19 on 15th September and Jn 6 56-59 on either 28th or 29th August (or both,if you want continuity and a focus on different parts of the passage)

  14. whoops...typos there...It should read Jn 6 56-69 for 29th or 30th August...Sorry to be confusing!

  15. I'd like to sign up for Nov. 23-29, if I may.


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