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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Welcome to newest members

First a welcome to Susan at sense and non blog. She posted today her heartfelt thanks for the relief effort that is represented by our book. Susan, welcome to the ring and our prayers to you and yours today.

Also, welcome to Rev. Dr. Mom. She joins the ranks of the reverend moms. There's me (reverend mommy), reverend mother, revmom/cheesehead, Preacher Mom, Friday Mom, Will Smama -- any other mother type I'm leaving out? Then there's preacher in progress, Rev-to-be, Rev. Stacey and that theme going on....

And in a variation of that theme, here's Rainbow Pastor. Welcome!

A big welcome to Caroline, who, I am sure, just lives a few miles down the road from me in Conyers.

A finally, a welcome to another UMC person, Ciona at A Thing with Feathers which is an allusion to my fav poem.

Believe it or not, 87 active members. Wow! And as of 11:00 pm 125 books sold in less than 36 hours. Wow!


  1. Tomorrow, my wife, Sandra and I will make a pilgrimage to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit near Conyers. It is a place where we both find God's peace.

    Do those of you who live near Conyers go there?

    If so, I'd be interested in sharing experiences.


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