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Monday, November 28, 2005

An Abbreviated Round Up Due to Injury (clumsiness?)

Blessed Advent!

I'm glad I asked you to round up yourselves a bit yesterday, because I didn't get to finish what I started in the morning (which see below). There are many other wonderful posts, so don't miss them.

After we left our Guadalajara hotel for our final day's shopping, I managed to fall over something (my feet?) and surf down the sidewalk, coming to rest on my chin. Thanks be to God! It could have been SO MUCH WORSE! I have some bad bruises (particularly on the chin) and soreness, but nothing broken or sprained, did not bite my tongue in two, etc!

Apologies to those of you I did not get to!

Partial Roundup:

If you didn't see Tammy Jo's post about Thanksgiving and where we are from, oh, my! Go now and do so.

Mary is making some life changes. Please hold her in your prayers.

Katherine has made a lovely hat for a lovely baby and played guitar.

Brother Terry, new to the Lectionary, is preaching it for the first time this year! Welcome, brother!


  1. Oh, Mary Beth, I'm so sorry you took a fall! I fell on my chin when I was seven... actually landed on a bowling ball (I tripped on the little step up to the bowling platform) and had to get three stitches. It is NOT a fun way to break a fall.

    I hope you're healing.

  2. I still have a small scar on my chin from stiches when I was in preschool. I tried to stand up when I was not quite out from underneath the water-play table. Feel better soon.

  3. OUCH hope you are feeling better (ie less sore) soon!

  4. Ouch! Hope you're feeling better soon Mary Beth. We've done the emergency room thing for a couple of days now...

    My hubby has been admitted to hospital and will be in for a few days as the docs try to clear up a nasty infection.

    Some RevGal prayer action would be much appreciated -- thanks!

  5. So glad to hear that you avoided catastrophic damage. Angels working overtime? :)

  6. I still have a vivid memory of the day I belly-flopped on a trapoline and landed with my chin on the metal framing. Ouch!! Healing thoughts are heading your way.

  7. all these stories are making me wonder if there shouldn't be a word for this... "chinjury" sounds painfully appropriate.

    (i have clearly been around my Pa, who always re-instills the punnery bug in my system)

  8. Katherine, my husband suffers from chronic punnery. I sympathize.

  9. I have always believed that punnery was a desirable condition, not the disease it is being made out as here. :) Oh and if we are talking about jokes of questionable value check out PostModern Pilgrim's post here:


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