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Sunday, November 27, 2005

How does your Light Blaze today?

An early-ish Sunday post to say that I have been to Mass at the Cathedral in Guadalajara. A different language (Spanish) and different faith tradition (Roman Catholic) but the Lectionary Year B was right there! What a glory to share this with the folks here and with all of you.

My roundup is started but will again be late; our flight arrives in Dallas in the evening and then we still have to get home.

SO! Let me ask anyone who wishes to share in the comments about your First Advent. How's it going? Is your light blazing?


  1. Advent Sunday is a BIG thing in Finland - many people who otherwise don't go to church regularly - go today - to sing a traditional song
    Hosianna son of David, and it's wonderful to be part of that.

    I also went to the 4pm service in the cathedral so Mia and I could present a friend Ruth with a copy of alightblazes - and after the service - as I walked outside I was greeted by a display of candle light. Many people had placed them on the green verge in front of the cathedral. I did try to take a photo but ... :(

  2. It was a great beginning to advent today! Good worship service, and I did my last stint of Sunday School teaching until after my maternity leave.

    I have a dilemma over at my place if anyone wants to weigh in...

  3. Great service this morning, but I felt so torn throughout the whole thing. Pillar had to go to the emergency room this morning for an infected abcess (again -- he's been through this way too many times). I had to leave him there to go and conduct worship.

    It's hard to be needed in two places at once, but all of you know that.

    Please say a prayer for my sweetie...he's really hurting.

  4. I, too, took copies of "A Light Blazes" to several of my pastors and assoc. pastors that read my blog and who mentor me and they were all very excited! Our service was wonderful and very inspiring and now that a friend has explained to me exactly what Advent IS, I'm all ready to roll!

  5. WE had a good service. My theme was Light and Darkness and the sermon was an expanded form of the column I posted earlier this week. Then we had a lunch and tree-trimming. It was fun, and Sarah was really into the tree-trimming part. I think this year she will really start to "get" Christmas for the first time.

  6. We were back in our sanctuary for the first time since the roof blew off during Hurricane Rita. There's still a little bit of work left to be done, but we were able to sing with our magnificent new piano which is better than the one we had before. I prayed that with the new season and all the new things around us that this would be a new day for the congregation.

  7. maybe someone could put this as a blog ???

    gals (and guys) get over here
    and vote for the best blogs of 2005

    anyone can vote there are many categories but the blog must be by a gal

    fun eh?


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