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Friday, November 04, 2005

All's Fair Friday Five

As I go into the office to attempt sermon-writing while preparations for the Church Fair take place underfoot, I offer up this Fair-themed Friday Five for your amusement and participation (and if you don't do church fairs, feel free to substitute a craft fair experience):

1) Favorite thing about Church Fairs

2) Best Item Ever at a Church Fair

3) Opinion of cotton dishcloths, that staple of Church Fairs everywhere

4) Major Lunch Offering at your fair or the last fair you attended

5) Worst Item Ever at a Church Fair

Silent Auction Bonus Question: Have you ever accidentally purchased more than you really wanted at a silent auction?

Visit me for my answers, and have a Fair Friday!!


  1. I actually do not have much experience with church fairs, although we had a rummage sale for Katrina survivors last weekend and raised $6,000 in about 6 hours. And when I say we, I mean they--I had very little to do with it.

    FWIW, it was a no-sale rummage sale--noting was priced, and people were encouraged to pay what they felt the stuff was worth (with the understanding that it was for a good cause). Some people took bagloads and left little, but other people more than made up for it. Also made it much easier on the people organizing it.

    I also updated recently. Come leave a thought at the blessingway!

  2. 1) getting out of the house and seeing my peeps
    2) the christmas ornament workshop with the kids is always the best
    3) I LOVE the dishcloths. Where else should I get dishclothes?
    4) Yucky BBQ -- premade and gross.
    5) I'd say the BBQ, but it was a thingy that my littlest purchase -- a THING made of a piece of a silk flower, a "frog" and a clay pot tray thing, with pebbles. And she won't let me get rid of it....

  3. I, too, have minimal craft-fair experience. Well, I've been to lots of them, but haven't really paid enough attention to them.

    Funny Silent Auction story, though: My two sisters run the Silent Auction for their parish, and so my mom generally buys some (ok, LOTS more than some) stuff for them to auction off. Apparently last year my dad ended up bidding on and winning on of the things that my mom had donated -- they didn't discover it until they got home and my mom saw what my dad got. Of course, he paid quite a bit more than my mom did for it .... He thinks he'd be better off eliminating the middleman and just donating money to the school; my mom thinks that takes all the fun out of it.

    And then there's the fun that my brothers have of bidding on items for one another -- so you never quite know what you're gonna get until you check out. Gotta love family!

    But, if you're wondering how to know which items God wants you to bid on ..... stop by my place and check out some of people's suggestions for today's edition of Weekend Wonderings.

  4. No time to do this one today (day off, yeah right). Had a big funeral, that had 50 minutes worth of eulogies.

    But these church fairs you speak of. Would they be similar to what my childhood church called a bazaar?

  5. Yes, although "bizarre" might be a better spelling!


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