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Friday, November 04, 2005

A Question I Must Ask

Of people that I trust:
What do you think of the Beth Moore Bible Studies? I have not seen any, but am curious because there is a group of women in the church who want to do one.
Honest answers, please.


  1. We have a women's group that has been doing Beth Moore studies for the last four years. Beth Moore is a local Houston Bible teacher, so it's not surprising there is a lot of interest here. These studies were brought by women who attended her live studies here in Houston.

    The content fits well with our Reformed theology--not surprising since she is a Baptist.I don't know whether Methodists would find anything problematic. Her style is more evangelical than you would find in the average Presbyterian church, but it appeals to many of our younger women.

    Many Presbyterian churches in our area use these video studies for their women's groups.They are not controversial with us. The studies are not easy, either: Bible study, reading the participant guide and doing workbook exercises are expected.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Here's the link to her webpage--it has more information about her and all her studies, etc.

  3. Beth's studies provide a great deal of "homework" so depending on what the group is used to some may feel swamped. One year at the church I was at at the time, the Women's Ministry Leader decided to divide up each week's lesson in the "Breaking Free" series, going through it in twice the time, because it can be intense.

    On the other side of that equation, I once joined a group of friends for a weekend "getaway" one year and we watched the entire "Beloved Disciple" video series in one weekend, without doing the study guide, and talked about it.

    Beth's style...some like it, some don't. But if you're looking for material that is more about what's in the Word, she's tops.

    for what its worth,

  4. I haven't done a study but someone bought me this as a gift and I liked it

  5. I've found that I can trust the Holy Spirit and the wisdom and the maturity of the people in the group on studies outside the norm. They've been able to deal with theology contrary to our own and leave what's not helpful and learn from what it is.

    (Another Susan)


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