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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

A quick tour of the RevGalBlogs this evening revealed a recurring theme-- inquiring RevGal minds want to know

~ " What is your favorite (and least favorite) big City." Beth Quick
~ " How long did have you lived where you live now?" Juniper 68
~ " Is Matthew McConauhey the sexiest man alive?" Will Smama
~ " What do you love? " Reverendmother
~ " What are some of your mood elevators?" Songbird

I'm counting on lots of comments to satisfy their curiosity!

Another recurrent theme this time of year is bound to be concerns about how Christmas is celebrated. Join Gord in the Buy Nothing Christmas. Laugh with Sophia at the display spotted at a local Episcopal church.

Katherine at Any Day a Beautiful Change lists 10 Things I Love About My Pa. Heart-warming. Cathy Knits posts a sign in a coffee shop admonishing children to use "inside voices." Meanwhile Chaplain Mom has problems with older children as she describes roommate woes and heartache visits the Cheesehead house. Rev. Mibi and I are concerned with events in the ECUSA and the PCUSA.

Finally a big "HOWDY and WELCOME" goes out to Kirstin at Playing Tag With God.

And now for my question. There are now 96 members of the ring. Who will be the 100th?


  1. Having so many bloggers in our ring is both exciting and frustrating...frustrating because it's so hard to visit everyone's blogs on a regular basis! You and the other official Ring Surfers should give yourselves a round of applause for helping highlight people's blogs and for introducing us to the newbies. It builds community; it's great.

  2. This was a really good round-up, Grace. Thanks! (says the updater who wimps out with Friday Fives...)

  3. awhile back someone asked to let others know if they wanted their blog included in the roundup.

    would you all come to findingavalon and read my post on my son? i could use some extra good thoughts.


  4. :) can't say who the 100th will be .. but I think she will arrive on Advent Sunday

    trouble is we might all be so engrossed in our devotional (IF THEY ARRIVE ON TIME!)

    I love it that new revgals are highlighted and welcomed

    Songbird STOP!
    you are so busy flying around the ring leaving comments from post to post it's fun to spot you. Encouragement is a gift you ahve and use and I love it :)

    lecture over
    back to those Swedish VERBS. why oh why???? God Why!

  5. Aw, shucks,thanks LC and Songbird. I enjoy doing it.

    Songbird, everyone looks forward to the Friday Five. That also builds community.

    Cats, thanks for reminding me. In the future I'll try to remember to add an invitation for RevGalPals to add anything I missed in their comments.

  6. I would be #100...but I am neither a minister nor a girl

    hee...hee...(just kidding on the girl part ;)

    Maybe honorary membership?


  7. Girl, we're not all ministers. Some of us our RevGals and some of us are the BlogPals of RevGals and some of us hope to be RevGals, but some of us hope to be Sisters, and all of us our sisters and all of us are pals, and a few of us are guys!!
    The binding threads are that we are people of faith seeking community that crosses boundaries of denomination and vocation. Is that a good way of putting it, Gals and Pals?

  8. Hey Girl, I'm not a minister either. And we have some members who are neither! Come on down!

  9. Wondering if the "revised" html for the revgalblogpals webring links could be reposted -- some of the sites still have the code that redirects to reverendmommy's site instead of the revgalblog main page...

  10. I keep fixin' it. It keeps breaking. Sorry!

  11. Same here, Girl. I'm not a Rev, either!

  12. Thank you for the welcome! I'm exploring how I want to use my blog, and I'm enjoying looking around at the community.


  13. goes...I hereby announce my application for acceptance into the Revgalpal blog group.


    That wasn't so hard. what do I do?

  14. I am a female blogger from England. I am training to be a Lay Reader in the Anglican church whilst discening a call to priesthood - can I join?



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