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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Surfing The Ring - 'Thong' you very much

Once you place your revgalblogpals order it's time to let the ol' credit card cool off, sit back and relax with your favorite beverage and go surfin'... the blogs that is.

Notshychirev blogs about a stunning comment made by Bill O'Reilly (and not in a good way).

rainbow pastor does some book blogging.

Rev-to-be-Mibi has a serendipitous moment with spooky cat and give us an update on "The Process" and life.

Shield the Joyous asks: Is overdone politeness a qualifier for academic debate?

Carol at smallest angel blogs about how much she hates the fall leaves and loves Wizard of Oz. I shared this with all of you despite my bias since I love the leaves and HATE the Wizard of Oz (sorry Inner Dorothy - who blogs about her life ranking by the way). I ask all of you, how in the world can a movie with SCARY FLYING MONKEYS be rated 'G'. In the very least it should be PG-13.

Rachel at the Big Dunk has found Grace.. a place for worship.

Steve has got some tipos - just kidding, that's typos.

And last but not least apparantly Beth did not get my message from a week ago about the Bible Content ordination exam. People, snap out of it! These exams are not fun - they are evil pressure cookers.

The only thing that would make them worse is if flying monkeys were the proctors...

{sigh} Oh if I only had a brain.

Sometimes (okay, a lot) I forget that tone does not come through the type so please know that I am just teasing Smallest Angel and Inner Dorothy. They are certainly more than welcome to have a special place in their hearts for any movie they so choose. To prove my respect I will refrain from writing a deragatory comment about flying monkeys... or green-faced witches... or lions who may be cowardly but still jump out of the forest... or scary scarecrows... or witches that look very much like the librarian who rode past our house on her bicycle every day while I cowered inside protecting our dog who would not have fit in her basket anyway...

While I follow the yellow brick road to therapy please welcome newcomer Chaplain Mom and enjoy her posts including the question Why Jesus?


  1. Also, everyone welcome ChaplainMom! She posted a God-musing last night.

  2. will smama, why do you need a brain when you can have a thong instead?

  3. will smama, sorry about the whole, you know, flying monkey thing. I'll try to keep them in check -- they listen to me.

  4. Songbird, that made me blush. Very funny.

  5. Just so you know, I got your tone perfectly, and I imagine most of the rest of the folks around here did too.

    I for one am OVERJOYED to report that my not-even three-year-old watched the entire movie with me the other day and was absolutely spellbound. Of course I had to explain most of it, but her attention span normally ranges about the length of a Mr. Rogers episode.

    She still cannot.stop.talking about the tornado.

  6. Thanks rm. I was made nervous when my husband looked at what I wrote and asked me: Are you sure these people get you?

    I was pretty sure most did, but thought I would addendum just the same.

    Yeah for C! She is far braver than I.

  7. Well, I got it, and that's why I teased back!

  8. Oh absolutely -- we totally get you will smama -- no worries!

  9. I have to admit this...the poison flowers and the flying monkeys still terrify the crap out of me. [downcast eyes]

  10. "Poppies! Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!!!!!!"

  11. No offense taken...I knew it was all in fun...Any time I can get you all to talk about the great movie, it's a good thing


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