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Sunday, November 20, 2005

it must still be saturday somewhere

Late update. Yesterday was my son's birthday party. What is it about 8 year old boys and fart jokes anyway????

For more sophisticated humor, check out Any Day a Beautiful Change who has been playing with the Spanish translation software. As a follow-up to last week's pie meme, Hazelnut Reflections posts her results on the "What Pie are You?" quiz. Jo(e) and Fresh Cut Flowers muse on what they love and hate about winter and invite us to do the same.

Travelling mercies to: St. Casserole who is in the Big Apple. (Check out Mr. Casserole's guest blogs), and to Clever Title Here who is returning to Egypt later this week.

Anyone else live in a state where cold medicine is now banned? How are you coping? I've been hit with the first bad cold of the season and I foolishly did not stock up on psuedophedrine while one could still buy the stuff.


  1. Can't you get it at the pharmacy? I have to take it every day for my damaged eustachian tube. I feel like I'm lining up for methadone or something. But I can still get it. Just have to ask for it.

  2. Banned? Really? Completely? We have to ask for it at the pharmacy and sign and show our driver's licenses - it's pretty creepy like Songbird says, but I live on Tylenol Sinus so have to have it.

  3. erm could one of you explain why the ban is? never heard of it over here, but maybe this are pharmacy only medicines (over the counter) here?

    be blessed :)

  4. You've got to ask at the pharmacy here, too, and I think there's a limit on how much you can get. STF -- psuedophedrine is a major ingredient in crystal meth. When cooked, it can vaporize really quickly, so much so that the friction caused by a gust of wind can blow a house to smitherines.

  5. Here you need a prescription now. I could go to my doctor, I guess, but I'd rather not.

  6. I'm on a fairly substantial dose, so I have to buy it pretty often. I don't have to show ID here--yet.

  7. You can get it here, in the Snow Belt State, but you can only get it in strictly controlled amounts and must show photo ID.

    I over heard a woman at the pharmacy counter of Walgreens trying to buy huge amounts, and the pharmacist would only sell her one package, as per state law. She said, "But there are two of us using this in one household." The pharmacist asked her, "Can the two of you share the package, and come back when it is empty?" She went ballistic.

    I was very suspicious about that. She just seemed awfully desperate for someone who wanted Actifed. But then again, I live in the 'burbs where in a few weeks, there will be very little one can do to entertain oneself once the windchill is below zero.

  8. You can find some Advil liquigels with pseudophedrine without going through much rigamarole because apparently it's not the right chemistry for crystal meth.

    Also Sudafed PE (although I haven't tried it, but I have some in an emergency stash), is a non-pseudoephedrine decongestant.

    From a fellow sinus sufferer and frequent user of decongestants.

  9. I cannot quite put it into words, but what a sad commentary on our society that we cannot get the medications we need because of those who can twist it into something awful.

    Once again the larger percentage of innocents suffer because of the actions of a smaller percentage of people.

    BTW - have you seen how that stuff changes the appearance of people in just a short amount of time! Yikes!

  10. You're in Oregon, right???

    You can "cross the border" to Vancouver, WA. You just have to show id there :)

    I bought a whole bunch when I was back east. It was just on the shelves! I felt like a junkie buying two big boxes.

  11. thanks for the info. Susan Rose's comment made me think that maybe the revgals ring is something else too.

    be blessed
    hope you are all feeling well soon.


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