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Monday, November 21, 2005

And Away We Go....

Don't look now, but the name of that train that is about to hit us is called Advent.

Good luck.... and God bless!


  1. Train? WHat Train?? All I see is the grill of that MACK truck...

  2. And I'm trying not to panic that the books, which lulu despatched 2 weeks ago, are still not here. As long as they are the version with the happy cover, all is well...if not...yes, well, I'm trying NOT to panic!

  3. I'm still waiting on the re-order, but I think I'm going to just have to mail off the bad copies to a couple of out-of-town friends, which is disappointing.

  4. sadness.
    I just received my reorder on Friday, perhaps yours is not too far behind.

  5. A reflection:
    I love this season.
    I love the decorations and holiday cheer.
    I love Advent wreaths and reading scripture at the breakfast table everyday.
    I love the hanging of the greens all the way to
    taking communion by candlelight on Christmas eve.
    This season stresses me out more than any other season of the year.

  6. I love this season too. We'll decorate the house on Saturday before we have guests for a pre-Advent dinner. (Actually it's a very late celebration of our son's confirmation which was in June, but don't worry about that)

    My books haven't arrived - either here or in the UK: One of the ones in the UK - needs to be forwarded on as a gift :( looks like it at least will be late

    hoping that for the ordinary time one we can get to print much earlier at least for the sake of us over here on the otherside of hte pond.

    My friend in Canada got hers and loves it :) - I ordered that two weeks after the others! Grrr

    wish there was a beam me up scottie post :)

    hugs to you all

  7. My fixed books arrived on Friday, too! MB

  8. Anyone know how book sales are doing overall? (I did note we were not on the bestseller list in the Sunday paper . . .)

  9. So what books? Tell me about them. I'm heading out for a Thanksgiving trip but I'll be back...just in time for Advent. It is hard to find a balance between tradition and freshness, isn't it?

  10. DRAT
    Just had a mail from Lulu telling me the second lot of books had been despatched....but somehow they've only registered that I wanted 1 more copy, instead of 6...which means that I'll hve spent twice as much on postage as on the book, and that 5 people won't get one.
    Well, if I don't have a real copy, and my understanding friend doesn't, that still leaves me up the creek somewhat, and it's almost certainly my fault for reading what I expected to read when they confirmed the order...but as the original, which was apparently mailed at the beginning of this month, still hasn't shown up, perhaps worrying bout the supplementary is a luxury I can't afford anyway. Oh drat, bother and blast. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  11. singing owl, we are anxiously awaiting our Advent devotional books which you can see on the right hand column - A Light Blazes in the Darkness. The first ones we ordered had a messed up cover and back cover. The new ones they are shipping out have been fixed but seem to be a bit tardy!

  12. I just got mine! Yay! Off to the Post Office to send some to friends.


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