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Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Light Blazes in the Darkness

I received the final product in the mail this morning.
It looks great. All books shipped with the messed up cover will be replaced free of charge.
Feel order to start placing orders and email everyone you know.



  1. mail on a Saturday? wow!

    GREAT news all round :)
    How are the orders so far btw?

  2. I got two copies of the garbollixed version today. I'll save them for me and send the replacements to friends.

  3. I received my messed-up ones today. Do I need to send them an official request for replacements, or is that automatic for books shipped before a particular date?

  4. I too received my copy with the messed up cover. Also was wondering if they'd automatically send a replacement???

    Thanks for this wonderful book. I read through some of the reflections ... amazing!!!!

  5. I also got a couple of the copies with messed up covers...that's great that they'll send new ones. Do we need to let them know or is it automatic?

    The inside of the book (the most important part) looks wonderful. Good work everyone!!


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