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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not much time for a roundup

Email me updates or post them in comments please.

I'm working with Lulu right now about the book. This revision looks fab. It's all a learning experience. The interior of the book is fine, it's just some of the print on the cover that's messed up -- all books will be replaced, free of charge and will arrive within a few days of the messed up ones. I am impressed by the customer service at Lulu.

Lorna has a troll. He's branched out to Jeff's blog (Bad Alice's husband). I found another blog with the tag "No King But Jesus" with a manifesto on it and "No King But Jesus" merch on Cafe press. The words "No King But Jesus" were initally used by John Adams on the eve of the Revolutionary war and used in 1999 by Ashcroft at Bob Jones University. This troll blogs also as Conrad Grebel, still no real name or comments allowed on this blog. This stuff boggles my mind. I wonder what he really supports -- I've seen nothing that he supports, just what he doesn't support. One comment said that the person would rather go to hell than share heaven with this person. I understand that -- I think I would too. I hope he doesn't have a gun...

I hate trolls. Point of discussion -- who IS going to heaven? who IS going to hell? What happens if this troll and I have to share space in heaven? ewww....


  1. I felt sickened reading his comment. It's for the best not to engage with him. In 'net parlance, Do Not Feed the Energy Creature.

    But I do have to wonder, why don't I ever get trolls? [pout]

  2. You really don't want trolls. You really don't. I was involved in a Usenet group with a troll some years ago. He decided to target me and sent some pretty disturbing e-mails to my address. As soon as I blocked him, he had another address. It's not fun.
    The guy trolling Lorna is quite disturbing. On one of his blogs, he quotes from Exodus and wonders if there are some other Levites around ready to go, basically encouraging the killing of those he thinks are not on the right page. Talk about hate speech.
    I blogged about The Princess' sick day on our couch and pointed out some things I enjoyed reading this morning. Nothing earth-shattering!

  3. Be careful what you ask for! :)

    Me, I'm not even gonna go look at it. I get WAY too obsessed with stuff like that.

    I am simply praying for the troll, and for Lorna (and Jeff and whoever else he is spewing on) in a GENERIC way.

    Dearest Lord, bless the Troll. Hold him in Your loving arms so he doesn't feel the need to be ugly to others.

  4. hey guys,

    I'm sorry you are all caught up in this. I'm hoping it will sort itself out - and I understand all your frustrations too. Still let's treat him with as much respect as we can muster, not because he deserves it, or has earned it, but because He asks us to treat people with love. yes Jesus did call the Pharisees and others a brood of vipers, but I doubt they listened either and hate breeds hate, and we get churned up.

    Do stop by and swamp the place with love :)

    Today I wrote about intimacy and found myself thinking

    God + Lorna = a new creation and found myself deep in Jn 17 where Jesus prays for us to be one as He is one with the Father. It was like a revelation to me,but my writing doesn't really do it justice.

    GREAT news about the book RevMommy. And that's great about lulu too - what kind people :) THANK YOU GOD!

  5. Folks, I know it is hard to read tone and I am known for the jokes, but I mean this absolutely seriously.

    Troll's writing reminds me a lot of what I encountered during my year-long CPE at a psychiatric hospital. The extremism, the repetitiveness, the obsessiveness...

    I strongly suggest not responding and deleting what you can. This is not a healthy mind we are dealing with here.

    And now back to the jokes:
    As I told Lorna he reminds me of that great line from The Princess Bride loosley paraphrased: You keep using that word 'Jesus'. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  6. Will:

    That is exactly what I was thinking. My dear mom was schizophrenic, and although my mom was not a hate-filled puff-adder, the weirdness of this man's comments reminded me of some of her odder rants. It took me a long time to realize that trying to reason with her at those times was a huge energy suck and did neither of us any good.

  7. will smama I love your sense of humour :)

    I really appreciate your support and your advice here. (I have no idea how he landed here!) eija and I discussed how to contain this today, so will do our best to stop the hate spilling over.

    Prayer helps and the name of Jesus is powerful (thinking again of will smama's quote)

  8. Hard though it is to remember, even trolls are created in the image of God, and deserve to be treated with prayerful respect and dignity.

    That does not mean, however, putting up with one's blog being polluted by venom. Sometimes the loving response is not tolerating poor behavior-- in this case, I think that means deleting, because responding to it (however gently and kindly) only seems to encourage it to spew further.

    *sigh* Yes, I'm preaching to myself here. Because how I really want to respond to such nonsense has more to do with my steelmaker past than my clerical present.

    Time for more prayers...

  9. Regarding the troll -- it tends to help me when I remind myself that we are commended to love everybody, but not commended to actually like any of them.

    On another note. I just posted about a news story I read. There is proposed legislation in Alberta that would allow children to sue their mothers for injury sustained in utero.

  10. My books just arrived. They have the messed-up cover. Theresa, do I need to notify Lulu? Or send them back?

    Thanks! The inside looks WONDERFUL! :) YAY!

  11. I posted about my mom, and guess what, that troll came and vomited on that, too. I'm trying to not even read as I delete.

  12. Yes, he's been over to see will smama, too.

  13. I too have deleted. Gotta say this is the weirdest game of tag I have ever played.

    Makes me glad I took the picture of my son off the blog.

  14. Interesting perspective to add to my heaven and hell discussion -- what I've found with my kids is that it's REAL easy for them to say all the right stuff about forgiveness and love .... until it's something that hits home. That's when it gets hard.

    Where are the three billy goats when you need them?

  15. sigh,

    Lord help me not to be angry about this, but to be filled with YOUR wisdom, love and compassion. I sure need it this morning. Amen

    Gals, and friends of,
    I feel responsible for this. He's spreading his venom because I put his comments on moderate before approval and is hoppping mad I think.

    I'm really sorry.

    theresa - I emailed you last night, but just in case I'm deleting my link to ask for prayer for entrophy because I linked to her blog. I don't want this spilling over into her life.

    Please be sure to block this crap from her blog and chaos. PLEASE!

    sigh sigh sigh
    Lord in your mercy hear our prayer

  16. wretched...Deepest sympathies to all, and a good few hugs and prayers too.

  17. will smama, teehee.

    Lorna, you can't help it. You don't want to be in the business of pleasing this guy. It's okay to pray for a person who is difficult, but you don't have to invite that person into your living room if he or she is threatening. Take the same care of yourself that you would your children.

  18. Lorna,

    What Songbird says. Take care of yourself.


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