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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Midweek Highlights

A virtual plate of cookies and a big "Howdy" to the newest additions to our neighborhood webring, A Church for Starving Artists, Grace Happens (another Grace!), and It's Not Just About the Camel Dance. Stop by and welcome them!

Halloween and All Saints Day were the subject of lots of blog postings.

Cute Halloween pictures of trick or treaters were posted by Cathy Knits, Gord, Jane Ellen, Songbird, and Smallest Angel. St. Cassarole reminds us that its hard to celebrate Halloween when the world around you still looks like a haunted house.

All Saints was the subject of writings by Ciona , Hey Jules, Grace Happens, Lutheran Chik, Nueva Cantora, Rev. Dr. Mom, Mary Beth and Zinnhead. Coming from a faith tradition that does not usually observe All Saints (Presbyterian) in the way that these other denominations do, I concluded that we are missing something.

Before leaving the subject of these two holidays, don't miss the all-too-true All-Purpose Holiday Cartoon posted by Leslee.

There were topics other than Halloween and All Saints spotted around the webring! Emily ate Indian food and discussed Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. There are Diwali lights strung on several homes in my neighborhood as my neighbors celebrate. Sue at Inner Dorothy is already looking ahead to Christmas and asks if your church only sings Advent hymns during Advent--or do you sneak in a few Christmas favorites before Christmas Day?

And me? I'm pondering prophecy and soup. Happy Wednesday, RevGals and Pals!


  1. I posted ALL the word for the great hymn
    "For all the Saints"

    even the missing ones from our (Methodist) hymnal.

  2. I am musing about Testimony--why we find it so difficult and how to encourage it. Any thoughts?

  3. I had a really enlightening spiritual direction session this afternoon--you can read more about it here if you wish.


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