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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Religion and Science

I may be overstepping my bounds here and for that I apologize. Please check out my blog if you are interested in signing an open letter concerning religion and science. I have seen some revgalblogpals names that I know on it already and thought others of you may be interested. The goal is to gain 10,000 signatures. So far they are at 9,300.

I received my "Blazing" Book yesterday and even with the confused cover it was very cool! Don't forget to sign up for your Ordinary Time dates! (she typed while sheepishly thinking, 'I really need to do that')

Have a great morning!


  1. I'd already signed on too! I'm glad they're so close to their goal.

  2. I'm on there too!
    Here's hoping they make it to 10K!

  3. they're up to 9550-- slowly but surely . . .


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