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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tuesday Greetings (and mega stall tactic)

Yesterday was my day off. This morning and early afternoon I had coffee and scone with some of my favorite women ministers so now in my office where the top of my desk is no longer visible I shall buckle down and get right to it.

Cruising the blogs that is!

We have added new members but I still think my hypothesis in revgalblogpal aerodynamics will hold true and I will hit everyone... eventually. If you find that I am consistently ignoring your brilliant blog or if you just want to advertise please comment about yours at any time. Also please remember to direct any complaints as: "Dear reverend mommy..." ;)

Now, onto the blogs:

Jan supported her son at a Tech-E Awards breakfast and has good news for any of us who may feel inadequate in any areas.

It is interesting that Jan blogged about our inadequacies because the next blog with a new post that I hit was beth.quick who sent shivers up my spine with comments from a clergy finance training event which sounds like a lot of math to me AND the opportunity to take a Bible content exam. Yeah, like I need to fail that thing again... by one point... for the THIRD time. That's right, I failed that bad boy twice. By one point. Both times.

The Cathy who knits introduces us to two home schooled youth from Oregon who spent time down in the area hit by Katrina. Their out of sight out of mind post is excellent.

Be sure to visit Dylan's Grace Notes if you would like to get yourself on the map.

Gord does the 5 Things Meme.

Kathryn at good in parts continues her reflection of prayer. lutheran chick and Narrow at the Outset also blog about prayer. Narrow also includes 'random wonderings'.

Jane Ellen posts the most spectacular flower I think I have ever seen.

Amy blogs about sermons.

And finally for today, reverend mother and others continue in the conversation about
blogging boundaries. With the book out a lot of us are very excited about it and yet are conflicted as to whether or not to 'out' ourselves to our congregations. I cleaned up my blog some, but still remain conflicted on the issue.

Well, the elves who I thought I hired to sift through my piles did not show up so I guess I must be going.

Happy reading. Happy blogging.


  1. Actually, the blog boundary discussion is over at my place... reverend mommy is going some good stuff regarding the recent kerfuffle in the United Methodist Church.

    But it's a common mistake!

  2. ooh, thanks for the lovely round-up.

    I just posted a grinchy tirade on Christmas. I'm almost shocked at my level of vitriol for poor Frosty the Snowman.

  3. Yikes! Sorry about that reverend mother. I knew what I meant:(

    Please address all future concerns to: Dear Songbird :)

  4. Kerfuffle. I like that word. Kerfuffle. I think I will use it often. Kerfuffle. Heh heh heh.

  5. 2 things:
    1. Just posted some thoughts about that scourge of children everywhere--bullying

    2. For our church newsletter this month I am doing up a bit about helpful websites for one's faith life. Any suggestions as to what you would include? (No, I don't think I will include my blog--it doesn't seem relevant, not that I care if anybody finds out about it)

  6. Oh and Will Smama, if I can guess my way to an 85% on the Bible quiz, I suggest that it is very pass-able (there are books I have never even opened in there--much like my bookshelf actually)

  7. I just figure those books will come in handy someday...

  8. Nice try Gord, but I think the site is based on the PCUSA ordination exams. The true story is that when I failed it the second time (by a point)it turned out that the grading computers screwed up. There was a total of ten questions that the computers marked the right answer wrong or vice versa. Instead of them going through and figuring it all out they just gave everyone the points whether their answer was right or not. This is the ONLY reason why I passed.

    The computer's name? Grace.

    Well, it is in my book anyway.

  9. Gord-- I've really come to like MethodX (I think .org) for spiritual stuff that you can do as an individual. Check it out for your newsletter--

  10. Yowza! I went to that Bible Content site. That is my old buddy Steve up there. Guess who was his quiz buddy on the Berkeley bus every week?

    (We were cross-enrolled at GTU, so we took a bus across the bay every week to go to class.)

    Yours truly. We helped each other pass the time on the ride and we helped each other pass that fricken-fracken test! Glad to see he made a little enterprise out of it.

    Small world.


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