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Friday, November 11, 2005

RevGal Friday Five: Pies

We have a bag of organic Gala apples on the counter, and the collective mind of the Songbird family is turning to pie. So for this Friday, which is a holiday for us, I invite you to reflect on some kinds of pie: love them? hate them? neutral? Share a story about a special pie in your life.

1) Apple Pie

2) Cherry Pie

3) Pumpkin Pie

4) Chocolate Cream Pie

5) Pecan Pie

Bonus Question: Do you have a favorite kind of pie not on this admittedly short list?


  1. OK I'll play :)

    I prefer apples from the bag to apples in a pie, though my granny made really great apple tart, really great.

    At school we had cherry crumble, made with that sweet cherrypie filling that you can't get here in Finland, and that at least used to be my fav desert at school. (crumble is just pastry mix without water, and a lot easier to make - no rolling or anything - naturally only on the TOP of the filling.

    I've only had pecan pie once.It was a huge disappointment as I LOVE pecans - my all time favourite nut. And I didn't like pumpkin pie at all - but what I discovered was I love roasted pumpkin seeds. They were a first one thanksgiving with my late god-daughter's family one year. Sweet memories.

    chocolate cream pie - haven't had and no idea if I'd like it. I love chocolate but am not keen on cream.

    Bonus question: you didn't put rhubard pie on the list. I love that, but lemon pie (with or without meringue)is my absolute favourite.

    mmm pehaps I could bake tonight. I have some limes in the fridge. mmmm and was going to do Mindy's cookies for Sunday (Father's day here - the WRONG time of the year IMHO)

  2. This is a non-pie comment --- sorry. Although, if I were to eat a piece of pie while posting.....hmmmm.

    Anyway -- here's an idea.

    What about a RevGal Christmas gift exchange???

    We could put all the names of those who want to participate into a hat, draw pairs and those two could exchange gifts. We could put a price limit on it, and get creative about the contents (homemade crafts etc..).

    Anyone interested?

  3. Here are my thoughts on pies, and really, desserts in general:

    fruit = fruit
    dessert = dessert

    fruit + dessert = two things that don't go together.

    chocolate + dessert + heaven.

    That said, pumpkin is actually my favorite pie. It gets its own category ;)

  4. NOt really a pie eater myself. BUt one of the ONLY things I would eat in our high school cafeteria was chocolate cream pie. It wasn't that great but it was cheap and it was chocolate. (And I almost always had a lunch from home anyway--this was a supplement during spare time).

  5. Alright, folks I caved in and started blogging again for my new friends at RLP and RevGalBlogPals. I ansered the Friday fivein my first post.

    Count me in on a gift exchange.

  6. Pie is good. Cherry pie the best. But I'll eat any pie with ice cream. Not a problem.

  7. The shoo-fly pie and snitz pie (dried apple) that my Grandma used to make.

  8. ooh I'd forgotten about dead flies graveyard (we had that in school too :) )

  9. MMMMMmmmmm... pie. I love me some pie!

  10. Mince meat and sweet potato pie???

  11. Pie: Apple with a slice of cheddar.
    Place: Mamaw's dining room table, Mooresville, NC
    Meal: Breakfast

  12. Never ate rhubarb pie, never ate mincemeat pie, never been served apple pie with cheese. Where am I FROM!? Certain I would like the two former, not the latter....

    Don't like apple pie.....don't like any kind of hot cooked apples (love cold applesauce). Goes back to a Brownie trip to visit a nursing home...there were baked apples...very fuzzy. I count it lucky that there is ONE dessert I can safely bring into the house and leave alone!

    I love pecan pie. Make it with the recipe on the Karo syrup bottle, being sure to pronounce that "Kay-roe."

    Also would be more than happy to eat any sort of berry pie - blueberry, dewberry, blackberry...that you might wish to offer me.

  13. Sue--I'm up for a gift exchange. Did the pie thing over at my place.

  14. mmm

    mincemeat pie is that sweet stuff (raisins, currants etc) - that goes into mince pies. Not meat at all - isn't the English langague weird

    Mary Beth I think eating cheddar WITH apple pie IS unusual, but in the north of England (Yorkshire, lancashire etc) it's quite normal to eat cheese with Christmas (fruit) cake. It's much nicer than it sounds :)

  15. ERM

    where's the list of Rev Gals' blogs (with updates) GONE????


  16. I'd love to play in the gift exchange too....
    Pies? Don't really like pastry that much, but like things like banoffi pie which can happen on a cheescake base or a pastry base. In fact that would be my favourite. Or baby mince pies, with brandy butter under the lid (suspect this might be as foreign a gastronomic territory to some of you as pumpkin and choc. cream are to me (though I love the idea of the latter)

  17. Lorna, it's fine this morning (East Coast USA time). Blogrolling sometimes hiccups. You might want to try refreshing when that happens. And better to be missing the Blogroll briefly than to have the whole page refuse to load.

  18. I think I would be in for a gift exchange.

  19. mince pies are THE BEST
    can't get them here though :(


  20. I'm not wild about apple pie, but I love apple crisp with heavy cream. (Something about the oatmeal crumble factor)

    I don't like cherry pie made with canned cherry pie filling, but real cherry pie is good.

    I like a good pumpkin pie, but pumkin pie is hard to get right. The high liquid content of the filling tends to make the crust soggy.

    I prefer my chocolate straight. Something about the combination of pie crust and chocolate is just plain wrong to me.

    Pecan Pie--yumm.

    I also love Lemon Chess Pie. Berries I prefer in cobblers and crisps rather than in pie form.

  21. PCIT,
    A good chocolate cream pie has a graham crumb base, not a pastry (but then I am not a big fan of pastry at the best of times)

  22. Pie, yumm. I love a good, flaky piecrust.

    1) Apple Pie--warm with icecream. I don't like the apple bits to be too firm. I've heard of apple pie with cheddar, but have never wanted to experiment.

    2) Cherry Pie--blech. but I've never had one made from real cherries. I like the flavor of the sauce, but it all seems a bit overpowering.

    3)Pumpkin pie. Double blech. I just have never liked this. I find the texture weird, too smooth.

    4)Chocolate Cream Pie. I can definitely think of better things made of chocolate.

    5)Pecan Pie. A favorite! But it can be badly made--too syrupy, not enough nuts, lackluster crust. Any of those will ruin the experience. I like mine warm with vanilla icecream. My mom used to make one with a thin layer of cheesecake added to the traditional filling. Fabulous.

    Sigh, pecan pie reminds me of growing up with pecan trees. I could have pecans whenever I wanted.

    Also really love coconunt custard pie, but the kind of custard that is creamy rather than eggy and firm.

    Now I'm hungry.

  23. I once participated in a $2 Secret Santa exchange that was really had to get really creative. That was back in...oh...the early 90's, so you might have to make an adjustment for inflation.;-)

  24. One of the most unusual pies I ever had was a fresh cranberry pie...I got the recipe off the Internet...just cranberries, sugar and a bit of vanilla, with a streusel topping. Quite tangy, but I liked it. Great with vanilla cream.

  25. I'm heading over to do this at "my place."

  26. Hi, My name is Lydia, and I have just starting viewing the revgalpals refreshing!
    I'm a prison chaplain and Disciple of Christ ordained minister.

    Okay, now to the real theology of heavenly eating:
    1. Chocolate Pie with Merigue (the real stuff)
    2. Buttermilk Pie--it's actually sweet and tastes like a custard pie
    3. Hot Appie Pie with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on a cold day
    4. Pecan Pie
    5. Pumpkin Pie
    6. Key Lime Pie made with real Key Lime Pies--can't help it if I live in Florida and have a lime tree in the back yard!

    Blessings to you all and thanks for the humor that comes along with our vocations!

    Peace, Lydia

  27. Welcome, Lydia! I like your pie theology. :-)

  28. Did the pie thing over at my place, plus a story about pie.

  29. Mmm...buttermilk pie...forgot about that one. (Anyone traveling through central Michigan -- there's a little village between Mt. Pleasant and Big Rapids called Blanchard, and a little gift mall/restaurant/tourist trap there called Loafer's Glory that serves really, really good buttermilk pie.)

    Oatmeal pie -- another good pie. It's like a gooey oatmeal cookie.

    On my blog I mentioned pasties, one of our Michigan regional specialties. (A savory pie is still a pie;-).) here is a kind of gussied-up pasty recipe from "Fork in the Road," a show on Michigan public television that spotlights the best locally/regionally grown foods. (The chef who hosts this is a trip -- really fun to watch -- I hope someday he makes it to The Food Network.)

  30. I've always preferred cake to pie, but I have enjoyed apple, pumpkin and pecan pies. The one I cannot take is lemon meringue. When I was a child I saw one of these with a huge meringue on top. I thought it was whipped cream and dug in. The taste and texture were so not what I expected that I nearly threw up. I've never been able to think about eating one of those again.

  31. You left out Chess Pie.
    I like pecan pie only if there are more pecans than that filling stuff. A pecan tart is my real favorite.
    Key Lime Pie is fabulous. It increases fitness, if I understand the literature sent by the Pie Eating Coalition of the PC (USA).
    A real crust blueberry pie with fresh blueberries is great. I think it's on the menu in Heaven.

  32. Is it too late (4 days later...) to vote for banana cream? Or coconut cream? Especially if eaten after a BLT? Especially if you're 8 years old and hardly ever get to go to a restaurant? Hmmm..... so good.

    And Sue, I'm in on the present thing too. Let me know how it comes together.


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